Looking to spellcraft from Spirit Link or Lock

Discussion in 'Ashbury: In Game' started by OleanderSky, Mar 28, 2017.

  1. OleanderSky

    OleanderSky Artisan

    Hello, I have heard about an upcoming gathering in Icenia and plan to travel. I have a sentimental item I'd like to Spirit Lock or Spirit Link to myself.
    Would anyone lend access to either of these ritual scrolls so I can spellcraft from it? Which and how many ritual components are needed for this scroll?

    There is no ritual magic in my home so I am unsure how much high magic I need to know to cast it and how much focus I need to dedicate to the task. Such as, since I know I can cast Sacrifice, can I cast Spirit Lock? Compared to Bane or Rebirth, how much high magic focus will I need to dedicate to spellcraft? Thank you for the information,

    -Maluhia Keahi
  2. r.kinlen

    r.kinlen Newbie

    The fairdale mages guild has spirit link scrolls for rent to spell cast from

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  3. OleanderSky

    OleanderSky Artisan

    Hello, I don't recognize your voice. What is the cost to rent the scroll? What type of ritual components are required?
  4. r.kinlen

    r.kinlen Newbie

    I'm sorry I have not dreamed in a while.
    Scroll rental is a 2 G donation to the guild , I do not have the scrolls with me they are currently secured in storage for winter .

    Guild master

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  5. I am not sure what we have But I will help if I can. Oh, I
    have keys for you.
  6. OleanderSky

    OleanderSky Artisan

    Thank you for the information. This request has been taken care of.

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