Lost island Auction!


HQ Staff
(Found nailed to various tavern walls in various lands around Tar Bavaria the following is posted).

My sweet and stalwart adventurers. It is I Mereiweather Marburry. I have discussed various things with my associates and am now proud to announce that we shall have a grand auction! In it we shall have magical items that can travel the realms! In addition we shall be auctioning a most rare and prized item...a PERMANENCE CATALYST. This auction will be held on the second evening once we have landed on the isle. It shall be for those whom are willing to reap rewards (and take slightly unjustified risks for the amusement of others).

Will you be amongst those who will discover new creatures, delve ancient depths, laugh in the face of danger?

What fate will you choose to this untouched isle?

Yours truly,

Merriweather Marburr . Esq. Dds. Lsq