Loyalty Picks for 2017

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  1. Cedric

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    Good morning Acarthians!

    As you know, we have a policy that if you NPC for 20 hours over the season, or attend 7 out of 9 games (mod day counts) you get a pick off the magic item list. Also if you were a guest writer for 5 mods, you also get a pick off the pick list. To see if you attended enough games, or NPCed enough, please check the forums here.

    1. Check on the forums here to make sure you have enough hours/games to see what you quality for. If you don't have your access filled out, I strongly suggest doing so as you can look up a lot of information about your character online yourself. Also you can alternatively e-mail acarthialogistics@gmail.com as well to check on this.
    2. Check the two pick lists below. You can pick from either list, but you get one pick for NPCing 20 hours, attending games, or writing.
    3. You must spend your own Goblin Stamps for these items.
    4. For any item other than evers, they can only last one year.
    5. You must buy the amount of charges listed on this sheet. The exceptions are things like AA, Elemental Aura, etc that do not have charges.
    6. E-mail acarthiangm@gmail.com with the description of the rep you wish to use, and what effect you are choosing from the list.
    7. These are all due by Dec 31st, 2017. They will all expire Dec 31, 2018.
    As a note, you also get one pick per month you are a full time NPC/Plot. If you want the full list, let me know.



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  2. Nissa Osheim

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    Do the once evers also expire on 12/31/18?
  3. Cedric

    Cedric Adept Denver Staff Marshal

    They do not Nissa. Normally one shots never expire unless it's a special case.

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