Loyalty picks

***Loyalty picks for the 2018 and 2019 seasons will have a deadline of March 12th, 2020 at midnight. If you would like your loyalty picks to be used at the march game the deadline is the same as magic item conversions which is March 1st 2020.

Hi all,

Jesse has approved a way for us to do loyalty picks for 2.0 going forward. It's been quite some time since we did these, so there will be 12 different list for this go. Players who have loyalty picks, may pick rituals off of any 1 table for each pick they are owed. (If you have 2 picks, you can choose any 2 of the 12 tables to pick rituals from). In the future, we'll be putting together a list for each month individually. These ritual effects are randomly selected from a list, and the prices are currently based off of the treasure policy value *2 to give you an idea of how much things will cost now and in the future. This is a start, and we will look into changing costs in the future if we run into any problems with this format.

These rituals may target any existing or new items of your choice. Please send these requests to bminty@live.com with a description of the intended target. If you are targeting an item that is already magical, please include the rep number for that item with this request!

I don't currently have a list of players that are owed picks (or how many) but I'm happy to work on requests while all of that gets sorted.

No extenders are included on these items, so everything will be for 20 logistics periods, or until used for times ever rituals. Please let me know if you have any questions about these lists.



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Someone pointed out that Warder Glyph was included, and that was a mistake. The Warder Glyph in Table 6 has been updated to be a Battlemage's Strike (up to 3rd level spells) at a cost of 450, and the Warder Glyph in Table 8 rolled as another Potion Coating.