Maelstrom Announcement


San Francisco Staff
Hey hey everyone!

Enerret is coming up fast, but here is a quick bit for Maelstrom.

We are making a few changes for the rest of the campaign, and things are going to get busier.

Here are a couple of announcements and they sort of all feed into each other, so please read through to the end.

1. First, and foremost, and this has been a tough decision to reach, but due to real life constraints, changes, and growth, we cannot continue offering downtimes in the way that we have been.
We know that many of you have come to love, and cherish the responses that you have received. These downtimes have helped to inspire us to flesh out the world, and hopefully create, and enable many lasting memories for everyone. However, due to the aforementioned real life constraints, I simply cannot continue to produce these elements, and deliver a quality game.

Therefore we will be discontinuing downtimes, and adding more single day games to our calendar.
And instead be implementing the RSVP. This will be detailed in a separate post

Come to the day game(s), hang out, talk to us face to face, and run the mods you want to run. Have the scenes you want to have face to face. Can’t commit to the whole day? Come swing some foam at your friends, while you wait to speak to a storyteller.

For those of you with strict constraints, job/work/etc. or out of state people, shoot me a PM, and we’ll work something out.

These Day games dates we are adding are going to follow a looser format. These will be less formal, but still be full day games. Treasure, Lore, Challenges, but with more focus on your direct goals, and deeper RP scenes. Come handle your “downtime” face to face with us, focus those character goals, as we get ready for the last confrontation(s) with the enemies of the Maelstrom.

We are aware of the rules change, we have some stuff in mind, buckle up, stuff is going to get weird(er).

The following are the dates that we are ADDING. please refer to the Main schedule before freaking out.

April 27 Maelstrom Day Game
June 1 Maelstrom Day Game
June 22 Maelstrom Tavern Night(s?) Hang out, Spring/Summer Feast.
July 13th Maelstrom Day Game
Aug 24th Maelstrom Day Game
Oct 12th Maelstrom Day Game
Oct 26th Maelstrom Pre-Closer BBq, and hang out. (this will be your last chance to discuss, work with us on personal plot arcs, etc before the closer.)
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