Maelstrom Overnight June 7-9th -- Site information

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    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your patience as we've hammered out the details for our overnight event.

    Our site for this event will be Joseph D. Grant Park in San Jose.
    You can see their website here:
    And a map of the park here:

    We will be camping in the Woodland Youth Camp Ground.

    Woodland Youth Camp is located in the back of JD Grant Park. Head toward the traffic circle near the parking lot, make a right, and then there will be signs you can follow to get to our area. You can drive to the camping area, but only three cars at a time are allowed into the marked loading zone. We will have someone there to help direct traffic, as well as show people which areas will be available for PC camping. Please be kind to that person, and your fellow players, and unload your stuff quickly so others can do the same.

    We can arrive on site anytime after 1PM Friday, and must be cleaned up and packed out by 1PM Sunday.
    PCs should set up in the first camp area on your right as you enter, near the large tree. Further past that will be cast/crew areas and play space.

    As of now, we are told that campfires will be permitted in designated spaces (campfire rings and charcoal grills). Being California, this may of course change at any time. Propane stoves are also permitted. If you wish have a fire, you must have means of extinguishing it nearby, and you must be actively attending the fire at all times.

    There will be no meal plan for this event. Please plan to bring your own food, and means to cook it if you wish.

    John has generously offered to cook us all a spaghetti dinner on Saturday night. However, we are looking for an extra camp stove or two that he can use, plus fuel. If you can bring one for him to borrow, there are goblin stamps in it for you in addition to delicious spaghetti. Please let me know ASAP!

    Power from the generator will be available for crock pots, etc, but priority will go to the group meal, cast and crew meals, and our lighting. I'm not certain how much load the generator can handle, so I can't guarantee you'll have power but you're welcome to give it a shot.

    Our site is only 20 minutes drive from San Jose so going off site for food is also a totally viable option.

    Our camp area has (surprisingly clean!) portopotties, and plenty of water taps. Showers and standard bathroom facilities are available at the campsite across the road, but it is a bit of a walk. Please also make sure to make use of the provided secure trash containers and food lockers, to keep critters away from our stuff. We will be bringing our generator, but limiting its use to Monster Camp, cooking, and those with medical needs. If you have your own generator, you are welcome to bring it.

    We are looking for the following items to be brought for use in this event, and are offering gobbies if we can borrow them
    -Camp stoves and fuel, for delicious spaghetti dinner.
    -Pop up tents, pavillions, or other means to create shade on site.
    -More tapestries and other fabrics for decoration/construction
    -Extra tents and camping gear, for those that might not have it.

    We know that this is pretty last minute! If you need something for the event, such as camping gear, let me know, and I'll update the post to help crowdsource one for you to borrow.

    PS: Please also remember to pre-reg in the CMA!
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    Forgot some very important info. Thanks, Rachel!

    • Pre-registration: $75
    • With late fee for no pre-reg: $100

    Pre-payments can be sent via PayPal to
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