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San Francisco Staff
Hello everyone, and Happy New Year, and welcome to our 2019 Season.

An important announcement for you all, please read.

All good stories have an end. And to that, my time in this tale draws to a close.

2019 will be my last season as the Director of the Maelstrom Campaign.

I want to thank each and, every person who has participated in bringing this complex tale to life, and I could not have done this without the contributions of the myriad of collaborators, co-conspirators, and schemers. It really has been a privilege to work with each and every one of you.

I also want to thank everyone for sticking through our good times, and our bad, through life changes, site difficulties, heat, bugs, and the long list of challenges our community has faced, and overcome. It really has been a privilege to direct this epic.

This season marks the beginning of the endgame. Our protagonists, heroes, anti-heroes, adventures, aka, You. Finally have within their reach the chance to gain victory against the forces of the wretched outsiders, The Hammer, and the other villains who have lurked, skulked, and slithered in the shadows.

This season will be see the resolution of this campaign, and your actions/inactions, deeds/misdeeds, victories/losses will decide how this story ends, and have a powerful impact on the next story to come.

Victory is not guaranteed, only the inevitable confrontation is assured.

All that being said, Fear not.
For with the advent of current technology, and many a sessions with my second, Miles, I am very pleased, and proud to announce that Miles, will be taking over the campaign at the conclusion of this season. In victory, or defeat. The world that has engineered is big enough to accommodate many visions, and I am confident that the spirit will endure.

To be clear what we have all done in the past 6? years will not simply be blown away unless catastrophe (always possible) comes to pass resulting from the challenges your characters will soon face. Your deeds, sacrifices, and years of hard work will not be in vain, or simply blown away at the conclusion of this… unless… well, I would suggest fighting hard, and smart.

With all that said. I invite all of you who have played, or monstered for us to come back, and help us tell the conclusion of this epic, and set the stage for the next story to come.

Please stand by for shameless plugs, teasers, and more updates in the coming days.

Once again, thank you all.

-Greg Ruddy
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