Maelstrom Season Opener Favorite Moments and Review

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  1. MondayMcGee

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    What were your favorite moments from this event? What kind of misadventure did you enjoy? Who got the best laughs? Who pulled the most tears? Had some epic moments or just want to share the things you loved most about game? Please share all the fun here!

    Please be kind enough to fill out an event review and summary! Cast and Crew want to hear your opinions, and that's easiest when they're all written down!
    The form is located here:
    Everyone who completes the form will receive 30 GS and also help build a better game experience.
  2. Samyania

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    In no particular order:

    • The Assacrantii post-resurrection conversation, and the related but non-concurrent "No, don't get me wrong, I've never been more honored to be condescended to"

    • Marisa's well-deserved knighting and VV's promotion

    • The thrown-together Griffin fight riding on the residual high from defeating the Dreameater. It's always great to wrap things up, and doing two whole things is a rare accomplishment that shouldn't be overlooked

    • The first time VV has seriously asked for permission to throw healing as damage, but but she had spares and wanted to (and I actually hit, so that's good)

    • Even though it ended up being unsuccessful, using the Aquilix resurrection circle thing in an attempt to draw the Empress to it. It was long and loud but very engaging, and when Petronia stepped in everything got better

    • Political progress as well as martial progress, and the formation of a new strategy

    • Working with a different team than usual and trying to get a bead on what everyone both could and was willing to do in battle
  3. Samyania

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    This is a Favorite Moments thread uh right @MondayMcGee
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  4. MondayMcGee

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    Did I not say "favorite moments" enough? This favorite moments thread is for your favorite moments.
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  5. MondayMcGee

    MondayMcGee Artisan

    • The entirety of the Dreameater fight. Excellent scaling, fun and clean fighting, and great RP throughout.
    • All of the Totem plot. I'm really excited to have so many new shamans and see this become a bigger part of the universe. Also it's always great when my overdoing things with crafting props and garb has an effect on the game.
    • Brain surgery. Such an amazingly gross prop, and a new roleplay challenge!
    • Lots of wonderful interpersonal moments. 20 questions with aphasic Plue, games of chance with the town guard, being Marisa's second, and emotional drama with Liren...
  6. Emily Bailey

    Emily Bailey Newbie

    Lots of good memories, but a few highlights:
    • My first chance to really negotiate and speak with a member of the Fae and the first deal out of Petronia's mouth is an overbid by a longshot, to the point they told me so.
    • Singing with Vellis in a loud and exhausted attempt to guide back the Empress (I was so tired I forgot all my songs, and half their lyrics, oh my goodness). Unexpected friendships and bonding are always really cool.
    • Handing out the items I made for a couple of totems and seeing them get used (though the adorable mouse toy made its way back to me at the end).
    • First experience with a Nexus forging involving Petronia being asked to touch the forge, and it "biting" much to her dismay
    • Becoming a shaman for Deer, despite the fact that my ability to word what I was thinking was limited to "you want a shaman maybe?" by sleep deprivation and nerves.
    • Getting a chance to get to know some characters beyond Petronia's normal running crews.
    • The continued pattern of being asked to go get identified in the Celestial circle every time Petronia goes to Maelstrom. Every time.
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