Maelstrom Tavern Night June 22nd

So sorry for the delays on an official announcement! We understand this event is tomorrow and thank you for your patience.


Date: Saturday, June 22
Time: Lay on is 6PM, come earlier to help set up if you like. Greg is also trying to offload some of his old gear before we get rolling. Come by early for the best swag.
  • Pre-registration: $10
  • With late fee for no pre-registration: $15
Location: Private Residence, contact myself or Greg for the address.
Campaign: Maelstrom

Please pre-register here:

The In Game theme of the night is fancy dress party! Come with your finest. While the evening is RP focused there may or may not be other kinds of content so bring a boffer or two if you like!

We understand there was a mistake in the CMA listing for this event listing the fee as $30. Here's the plan.

The Event $10/$15, if you already paid the full $30 contact logistics and let them know if you would like the spillover credited for a future event.

OR, you can donate your excess event fee to the chapter for a special 10:1 Gobbie rate!

Donations will help us cover overnights for the campaign closer!

If you need a refund of the $15 or $20 contact me (Victoria, your AGM) and I'll get you squared away ASAP.
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if you are looking to liberate larp gear, and take it for yourself, and or help with setup you are welcome anytime after 3pm.
If you show up before 3pm I will be grumpy, and you will be put to work.
If you show up after 3pm but before 5pm I will be less grumpy, but there will be work with snacks.
If we have already talked about you showing up early, the above does NOT apply to you.


Veggie based soup (for vegetarians, NOT made from real vegetarians)
Beef based stew/soup
Some sort of other veggie dish probably a curry
Some sort of roasted veggies brussle sprouts/turnips roasted
Aglathorean firebread

Take all you want, eat all you take.

Roleplay challenge .... let no food go to waste...
Take a little. Eat it all. Come back for more. That way everyone gets some.

Timeline/What to expect

There will be varying NPC's circulating throughout the evening, usually defined by the more makeup intense coming later in the evening.

There may, or may not be interesting experiences to interact with, some provided by fellow players, others.... find out in game.

Soft lay on 5:30pm
Hard lay on 6:30pm

NPC cast list will be finalized tonight, and then added to this post