Magic Enforced Oaths

Hello all,
I was curious if anyone has dealt with magic items that make an oath magically binding. For example a PC swears upon an oath ring that magically enforces the oath or causes the PC when wearing the ring to experience negative effects when breaking the oath. What are your opinions of such items in our game?


While not exactly like this Southern Minnesota had some slightly similar plot related items. The items in question where four necklaces linked to the four Barbarian tribes. Each one changed the feelings of the wearer or placed a negative effect on them when they took certain actions. The one that I wore for instance, caused a single point of body damage every time I took a Protective/Enhancement effect. Being a lower level at the time this was pretty difficult to work with but The later plot advances made it well worth it. Not to mention some pretty nice enhancements that lasted me to the end of the year for fulfilling my 'oath'.


As long as the ring allows for immediate, personal actions that aren't game damaging, that's great. Having an oath to never take a healing spell could wind up being problematic. Just as it would be to kill 10 undead a day if there becomes a day when plot doesn't send out undead. But I've played characters that had oaths or taboos that I just did myself without the enforcement of a magical item. Never using cutlery was an interesting one, especially when soup came around and I refused to slurp it from the bowl. :)