Magic Item Requesting Tips

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Khorwyn Brey

This post is being made in an an effort to make sure that you receive your Magic Items as requested. Too often I receive requests for magic items with incomplete information, which then leads to unnecessary back and forth through email to get complete information, further delaying my ability to get the item made and delivered to you on time. So, without further ado, here is exactly what you should be including in your requests:

#1. A clear and detailed (but brief) physical description of the item/weapon/etc. to be used as the physical representation of your magic item. If a spell/ritual has been cast upon your character's spirit instead of an item, please tell me. Please be specific about the size of weapons, too. Here are some examples:

a. Longsword w/black and red hilt
b. Shortaxe w/Dwarven runes on blade
c. Gold necklace w/green gems
d. Black ring w/three large skulls
e. *This Spell/Ritual is cast upon (Character)'s Spirit.*
f. Small, worn leather pouch

**If you are not providing your own item, please let me know so I can provide you with one. If you are providing your own item, be advised that I must be able to carve its Phys Rep Number on it somewhere, and that it becomes property of the Chapter (and can be stolen from your character unless Spirit Linked or Spirit Locked) once turned into an In-Game item.**

#2. Whether or not the item is Restricted (which means it can be used in different chapters) or LCO (Local Chapter Only, meaning it can only be used in the chapter in which is was made). If you had the item made through ritual casting, that makes it Restricted. If you are making it between events with picks from the Magic Item system, it is LCO.

#3. The name of each and every spell/ritual effect on the item, including:
a. How many charges per day or times ever for each spell/ritual
b. If the spell/ritual is Earth or Celestial in nature
c. How long the spell/ritual will last on the item (1 year, 3 years, five years)
d. Specific damages/effects that are not pre-set (such as how much damage a requested Elemental Burst will do, or what kind of Elemental Aura you want)

#4. If you are Spirit Linking or Spirit Locking the item to a character, please tell me which one. Don't assume I know which character it is being bound to just because I know your real name. :pinch:

#5. Whether or not the item has any flaws, and what they are. Also include any other brief notes you would like made on the item tag, so I can include them if space permits.

If you need a tag reprinted because you lost it, it was damaged, or you need a correction made to it, please send me as much of this information as you have, most importantly the item's Phys Rep Number, if you know it. Pictures are also helpful, if you have them. :cool: Thank you in advance for following these directions. I hope to avoid more delayed and incorrect items in the future! :thumbsup:
I thought the general rule for weapon phys reps was that you could use your own, but if you aren't willing to give up the phys rep, you are not capable of identifying it later. I seem to remember that being specified in the rule book. I would imagine that would also translate to shields, as well.

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