Magic Item Transfer Policy


Chief Technology Officer
Raleigh Staff
Alliance Raleigh currently has a ‘traveling enchanted’ cap on restricted items from other chapters. This includes restricted (traveling) items as well as standard effect LCO Items. Alliance Raleigh reserves the right to refuse any item that includes an effect not typical of the restricted magic item system.

Currently this cap is set at 20 rituals/effects although extender rituals, and RPO rituals such as mark, do not need to be included in this cap. You may NOT ‘cut down’ a magic item to have less effects and must bring either the entire item or none of it. If your character has spirit linked/locked rituals you MUST pre-register those if they are not LCO in nature.

There are currently no standard rituals that Alliance Raleigh prohibits.

As always, our goal is to make our game at Alliance Raleigh as safe and accessible for as many people as possible. We are open to feedback and discussions regarding this, and all, of our policies. Please feel free to discuss the policy here on the forums, in our Discord server, or our Facebook.