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  1. so i have found a place to buy strong magnets that could hold my polearm, and i am wondering weather that kind of thing is out of period

    using a small sheet of iron (or other ferrous metal) wrapped around the core at two locations (thin gauge so as to be malleable) under the padding so as to not appreciably increase the size of the core and putting the magnet on a belt loop and on part of a shoulder harness. basically i'm thinking it will only stick if the magnet and ferrous metal are brought close together. the question is, would this be unsafe for larp?
  2. Fynwei

    Fynwei Squire

    We'd have to see it in practice to examine exactly how you made it. One rig I've made up that works great for my two-handed sword is based on a highland claymore scabbard (pictured). I believe that something similar could be made up for a polearm.
  3. David_Aselrik

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    I assume all magnetic clasps are still OK though, right? (Instead of being a button snap, it's a "snap" that's magnetic)
  4. Fynwei

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    Depending on how it was constructed, it may be a yes, may be a no.
  5. Stana

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    It would not be unsafe in theory, though as with any concept we'd have to take a look at the finished product. A few guidelines I'd place on it:

    The strips must be placed on the handle, and not near any padded or striking surface.

    Must also be placed at least one inch below where the foam meets the handle.

    It must be padded in such a way that no sharp obtrusions occur. While hopefully rare, occasionally opponents hands do come in contact with core, so we don't want their knuckles to be ripped open by metal strips. I'd prefer a cloth or rubber wrap (hockey grip tape, tennis racket handle, etc.) just to make sure there wasn't an issue.

    I personally like the idea, would love to see what you come up with.

  6. David_Aselrik

    David_Aselrik Newbie

    Who are the people who can do new weapon reviews?
  7. dave almost talked me out of incorporating magnets into my weapons, but I am going to try it
  8. Stana

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    Admittedly, I've seen at least a dozen magnetic sheath attempts over the last decade, and not one has been really practical. However, that doesn't mean it's not worth trying. I've heard stories of people doing it with success, but it's all dependant on a number of variable too numerous to count.
  9. looking at the magnets, I have to see how strong they are over the distance, but I am going to bury a couple small magnets in a couple spots under the foam and re wrapping it to see if the magnets act over the distance securely, then I will attempt to incorporate it into a weapon. What would cause it to fail inspection assuming there wil be adequate foam coverage, and the magnets will be taped to the core? I know it can't be felt throgh the foam, but is there anything else? Can I put a decoration at that point to add extra padding to the location
  10. wow... i just played with some of the stronger magnets, i need to not buy those. they're dangerous hahaha
  11. Paige

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    might i recommend Velcro? although it lacks the "snap" feeling good Velcro is more than adequate to secure and ultra light weapon and if you use the loop side on the weapon is very safe and will generally always pass safety inspection. Although there is nothing that specifically prohibits use of magnets under the foam in the rule book, it is not specifically allowed either and would therefore be up to the safety marshal to pass or fail upon physical inspection of the weapon. I would not recommend relying on an "experimental" weapon passing and would bring a backup. I frequently try new techniques and materials with my weapons and find it good practice to have a backup made to the letter of the law along in case a marshal feels that one of my new techniques is not quite there yet. Hope that helps!
  12. good call on the backup! i just ordered some new cores to try the magnets out on so i don't have to disassemble anything that works :)
  13. Tsuku Wyngard

    Tsuku Wyngard Scholar

    I'll have to get some pics of the polearm harness I made, and find a way to post them up here..
  14. it works! Even the smaller magnets will easily hold a pearm onto another magnet. They are far too fun to play with thoug
  15. Mobius

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    ¡sounds very cool! can you supply picts and constructions specs, please?
  16. i have to refine it seeing as the sheath sticks my sleeves to it too, so i have to figure out how to place it all properly, but duct tape a magnet (or two if they can't hold up the weight of the weapon) to the handle of the weapon, and then put corresponding magnets on chainmail (or again, taped to costume or adhered some way). the thing you have to watch out for is not using too strong of magnets for either the adhesive of the armor.

    but when i get it done right i will get a picture and post refined specs including the size and force exerted by the magnets

    Edit: the big thing to remember is the formula. its something like (faraday's constant) x (charge)/distance^3 if it is a magnet to a ferrous surface. but with two magnets it becomes (constant) x (charge) x (charge)/distance^3 so with really strong magnets the attractive force can get out of control. so sticking with magnets that exert <10lbs of force when connected to a metal plate is recommended. again, when i get time to really check this out i will post the results

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