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    October 10th, 417: Dark Riders, Dark Words

    Prince Malidor has been seen sending messengers to the Whitefang Mountains, back towards his home of Bel Demar. Discussion in town has everyone on edge. Talks about what the barony of Tovar plans to do with the Outpost are commonplace within the barracks and Tavern. One thing is certain, the Prince and his soldiers are preparing for war.

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    December 26th, 417: A Thoughtful Gesture

    A group of four Biata, led by a master Glixrin Suvox, have entered the town and have been staying with the Healer's guild. They offer their services to Malidor's Outpost in the form of healing and creating magical potions to consume on Outpost Missions. But their main purpose has been to help their colleague, Ivan Koval, who appears to no longer suffer under the effects of Phyre's markings nor the damage he inflicted into his mind. In fact, after a few days of treatment, Ivan seems to be back to his normal self.
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    January 8th, 418: The Blockade

    Scouts from Malidor's Outpost have confirmed that the Barony of Litimore has placed a blockade on the western front. This blockade prevents all trade with Umbrasa and the Empire of Helios. Prince Malidor still has not received any reinforcements from the White Fang Mountains and many of the townsfolk are restless with worry. Nearly all communication from the west has been cut off. Many couriers have been forced to stay at the inn, and much of the Selunari in the area are worried about their kin in other areas. Though no one is starving, farmers in the area are preparing for the worst.
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    January 21st, 418: Dark News from Foreign Lands

    Messenger pigeons have arrived in number with missives from foreign lands. But one bird has stood out to the town; a raven carrying a large black scroll has been spotted landing in Malidor's Outpost. What news the letter contains is anyone's guess, but Prince Malidor has made it known throughout the realm that anyone that brandishes the heraldry of the White Raven on a Black Field is to be escorted directly to the Prince under armed guard.

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    March 31st, 418: "The Cult of the Hearless"

    Hagren Alesplitter, Quartermaster of the Outpost's Militia, has heard rumor of "earless goblins" in the area. Rumor has it these goblins have banded together under the banner of the one called "Silencio", and have caused much damage to the new farmers and farm steads in the area. Coupled with the Litimore Invasion looming on the western front, Prince Malidor has no choice but to offer a great reward for the destruction of this new goblin order.

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    April 14th, 418: The Restless Blight

    Having returned to his former Biata self, Ivan Koval has sent forth militia scouts to report on the recent rumors of a Blight Mage. Investigations have revealed a large cancer on the local forests, mainly in the "Goblin Woods" and the Stonefell Glade. Locals are also reporting an Undead presence during the daytime, which is causing many to worry that the Vex Mortis' information is incorrect; that the undead menace is only a nightly occurance. Guildmaster Koval has been seen many nights, pacing in the tavern while discussing the matter with his friend, Master Healer Jeremiah Grenouille.

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    May 7th, 418: The Wedding of Lord Herod and Lady Thane

    Word has spread throughout the land, that Lord Gaius Herod will be marrying his ward, Lady Gwenivere Thane of Litimore on July 14th, 418. This is an unexpected turn for the Empire, as Litimore has always been a contested vote in the Baronial council since the Lord Regent took over the empire. With the Litimore vote, the Lord Regent could be made Emperor. Likewise, this marriage will officially grant Lord Herod the title of Baron of Litimore, and all the benefits that title possesses.

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    May 17th, 418: The Emerald Falcons

    A terrorist faction calling themselves "the Emerald Falcons", have reportedly dealt a major blow to the Imperial Army. Words have flooded the region that one of the major regiments of the Southern Imperial Battalion, stationed in the Barony of Walderlund, has been completely destroyed, to the man. Both slaves and soldiers within the camp have been brutally killed. Rumors claim that even the camp followers were dealt with harshly and killed as well. Not a single soul has survived. The only evidence left for officials to find was this symbol...

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    May 29th, 418: The Dwarven Caravan

    Caravans from the White Fang mountains have been steady and consistent, bringing forth aid for the Outpost. Led by the cousin of Prince Malidor, Lord Rurik "Rory" Brightstone, the caravan brings much needed supplies to the frontier. Potions, Armor, Weapons, and much more can be seen for sale all over the outpost, not to mention crates being delivered to the barracks. Meanwhile, word from the caravan has it that Master Sorceress Selenis Lorestone, Keeper of the Inner Runes and Tender of the Written Memories, has been betrothed to Guild Master Thaddeus. Many wonder that if this rumor were to be true, what is in store for the Mage's Guild of the Outpost?

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    June 11th, 418: Word from the Front

    As the skirmishes to the west of the Outpost region continue, word has returned to the settlement that the Litimore forces are no longer sending troops to fight, but battle-hardened slaves! These brainwashed thralls of Litimore fight with frenzied ability and have no love of the dwarves. Any attempt in capturing them results in dangerous suicide attempts or murderous escape attempts. This practice has led to the idea that the Outpost military will no longer be attempting to capture any more of these mind altered servants of the Empire.

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