Mantle’s Day Banquet Invitation


Greetings my Honored Guests!

As long time patrons of my tavern will know, a very special time is approaching! Mantle’s Day! This year’s celebration shall be most special as the Adventurers shall join us!

The Celebration shall begin, as usual, around dinner, when a prolonged Respite period begins that will extend until dawn. The Festivities will include the usual:

The Sweet dishes contest(Homemade or bought from a local merchant is permitted)
The Savory dishes contest(Homemade or bought from a local merchant is permitted)

Each will be judged separately and have separate prizes as follows: 1st Place: Major Magic Item, 2nd Place: Minor Magic Item, 3rd Place: Minor Ritual Scroll.

The main event, of course! The Summoning of Virtues!

We will have some new events this year, inspired by the Adventurers!

Grand Melee
Partner tournament(teams of two)
Small group tournament(teams of three)
Dueling tournament

In these contests no magics or crafted items will be permitted, the combat field will be enchanted so any individual can use any weapons, regardless of usual skillset. Everyone’s abilitiy to give and take hits will be even. The dueling tournament will be a 3-touch duel.

The prizes for these tournaments are as follows:

Grand Melee: 1st place: Major Magic Item. 2nd place: Minor Magic Item. 3rd place: Minor ritual scroll.
Partner Tournament: 1st Place: 2 minor magic items.
Small group tournament: 1st Place: 3 minor magic items.
Dueling tournament: 1st place: Major Magic item. 2nd place: Minor magic item. 3rd place: Minor ritual scroll.

Any other festivities that Guests wish to host are more than welcome! Please coordinate here on the dreaming so I can be prepared and accomodate your activities! Remember to bring food and drink for all, as it is not a true banquet without wonderful food! Dress in your best and be prepared to celebrate the Mantle of Hospitality, whatever that means to you!

I will see you on October 15th, and I look forward to this grand holiday!



Heinricht will be hosting a Liar's dice tournament. 2 rounds; winners go to finals.