Many Thanks

To all who heeded Emperor Engral's call,

I extend his personal thanks to you all. At the end of the last battle with the Tribal Shaman's he took the time to thank all he could, but he had many places to be as the war was still raging, I wanted to make sure all knew how sincere his thanks were.

There were many great battles fought, much blood spilled, and a few spirits weakened, but with the success of our mission many innocent people will live lives that know nothing of the horror they could have been forced to bend knee to.

Your trials and sacrifices did not go unnoticed, indeed it was a great honor to fight beside all of you.

From time to time great corruption rises and threatens freedom, it is good to know that so many will stand before that awful tide without hesitation or doubt.

You are all heroes. Many songs and stories will be told of these events in the Engral Empire for generations to come.

Thank you.

Order of the Emerald Flame