March 2015 favorites

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  1. Pluto
    random necromacy inspections
    The Company buying EVERYTHING
    preggers Liddia
    the look on Links face while Cyn and Liddia discuss all things gross about pregnancy (im sure it matched my own)
    Don't disarm the pregnant woman!

    Thank you NPC's, plot, and Nadine and Sean!
  2. Sae Azaka

    Sae Azaka Newbie Chicago Staff

    "So Jack, want to go to the circus" "Ya no, you shouldn't go to that circus" "oh OK"

    "Ouch stop it... Stop chasing me...ouch...paralyze... I said stare at each other and contemplate what you should have done"

    "Geez Azaka, you are a jerk" "oh really"

    "Power of triplets in wayside" " but I have six kids" "ya triplets times two" " wait what"

    Then Azaka walks outside and is on a battlefield of dead, dying, and enslaved adventures. "Oh hell, not funny"

    I had fun
  3. Eldandiril

    Eldandiril Scout

    Rob asking if I am walking into town with a cake, my confirmation, "I am so sorry"

    Fighting Kyle in most his incarnations.

    Trying to keep track of Liddia, gave up.

    Chili for days.

    The look Enan gave elle as he poured out the enslavement, followed by Eric dumping one too. Subsequent MWE need for a cigarette.

    Talk with Jason about knighthood and how difficult it can be when you gain title after already knowing all your peers beforehand. And his surprise that Elle was never a squire, to point out that squiring probably would have helped.

    Everything Amy Hale, easily the best knight to be able to talk to about what's happened.

    Whispering wind making me crazy. ( I hate you Dave )

    Hannibal, people trying to force me to walk away, Liddia's quick action to murder me in front of the entire town, and the painful order that followed. 12 people who were stabbed to death. Eric's Prison and the argument Cyn and Neolani had about fixing me when Hannibal saw me prisoned.

    The mind screw that is True name magic. At least from the controlee's viewpoint.

    Thank you plot team and Sean and Nadine for being awesome and having us over and hosting a one day. I am officially Larp season excited and sore. An I hope all the event as this year can feel this good.

  4. TerraJane

    TerraJane Newbie

    Had a great time at this event. Thanks to NPCs and Plot and a big thanks to Sean and Nadine for opening their house to us. :)

    The whole troll mod was awesome!

    Sam: We need to out huddle them! *everyone huddles in closer*
    *Trolls scream and attack*

    Teaching Draco to teach with some side notes from Iggy.

    The Company naptime. It was such a beautiful day!

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  5. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Marshal

    Thanks again for Sean and Nadine for putting people up on Friday and hosting all of Saturday. Your place worked really well for a 1 day!

    Favorites from March 1 day - A Royal Invitation:

    - The Troll Mod. Lesson learned, if you mock a troll, they will send minions at you.
    - Don't be a peeler!
    - So, is it bad to have combined Love 9 AND Enslavement into something?
    WHY would you do that?
    Because I could..?
    - "Hi, it's Clyde remember" "Damnit I knew it!- Terra, as she storms off out of the tavern.
    - All the Chili. Not a single one I didn't like; however Bryan's was so friggin good! Well deserved win.

    I'm sure I'll add more once my mind refreshes itself.
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  6. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Spellsword Public Relations Committee

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  7. Ragnarok

    Ragnarok Adept

    2nd favorite event EVER and it both my 3rd time NPCing and my 1st Chicago game.

    -"Wait awakens offend you? Sod this, I command you to awaken." No reaction

    -Biata runs up and slays, "I'm REALLY sorry about this."

    -when the satyr boss takes your sword and you have to steal Ennans and run around taunting him with it :3

    -The final suicide run by the one goblin. adrenalin and pure fun right there. and afterwards his funeral from the adventurers. honor the goblin.
  8. Thank you npc's, plot, Sean and Nadine!

    This was a great event! Definitely excited about this upcoming season! I would have to say my favorites would include:
    -The troll mod, especially the random charges by the goblin troops
    -the awesome Chili's everyone made, nice job!
    -Aramis experiencing emotion
    -The Company's "dead" nap time
    -All the magical items.. especially the magical throwing dagger with a "once ever" pin.. (waiting for the perfect time to strike with it...)

    Thank you again! It was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. This was the perfect event to get out of the "larp off season blues"
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  9. Corbell

    Corbell Newbie

    Thanks Sean and Nadine for opening your house.

    This was my second event ever (both one days) and I had an absolute blast :)

    My favorites include:
    • The Chili!
    • The Troll Mod
    • Meeting so many great people
  10. Awesome event all! Thanks to the wonderful Chicago Plot Team and a huge thanks to Sean and Nadine for hosting!
    Some of my favorites:
    -Pluto isn't a planet.
    -Don't taunt trolls, it really hurts.
    -Petyr Raxis.
    -Once Ever Spellstrike Pin. Make it special Thaddeus!
    -Getting supercharged by earth.
    -I can find everything!
  11. kalindra

    kalindra Adept

    Thank you to Sean and Nadine, and thanks to all the NPCs for driving out to join us!

    --Being distinctly un-knightly in hassling Oliver during lunch, and the mystics' excitement over destroying his elixirs
    --"They done killed Griff!"
    --Trolls of course, especially Niknak, Naknik and all their other goblin brothers
    --Yelling at Nate's Stone Elf... "So that's at least three counts of unsanctioned ritual magic, plus whatever you did to her which if it's not enslavement would be illegal if we knew it was a thing!" Him: *shrug * "So you're saying it's not illegal now."
    --kimono sleeves full of packets
    --Whispering Winds practical joke

    Hope the rest of you are as excited for the season as I am!
  12. purple_peach

    purple_peach Newbie

    I took a bunch of pictures and then left the sd cards at my in-laws house since that is where I stayed over the weekend. Once I get them in the mail I'll post the pictures to the Facebook page.

    -I enjoyed being a goblin during the Troll Mod.
    -Everything was enjoyable, but this was my first event with many more to come.
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  13. EricMarsters

    EricMarsters Fighter

    When you guys post the photos - please don't tag anyone.
  14. Manflesh

    Manflesh Newbie

    Great times! Thanks to Sean, Nadine, and all the MN crew that made the drive down.

    -loved giving Sid's goblin a Boondock Saints style funeral with silver in his eyes and giving him a eulogy as I slowly counted down the killing blow. Might be my favorite moment of the event.

    -Company nap time!

    -Plotting sabotage with Sae and Syn.

    -Also debating with Syn the benefits of sitting up a non for profit rather than just 'giving things away to the poor and needy'.

    -I loved how I inadvertently became the chili sommelier for the lunch, also the fact that Nate had to poison test every dish because he didn't trust me. It's like I've poisoned a bunch of his NPCs before or something...

    -Shout out to Ethan for having a fantastic first event ever. The Company hopes to have him around more!
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  15. jdackow

    jdackow Scholar

    Holy Mind Powers Batman. I think I was in the mind of a NPC of almost the whole plot team this event except for Ryan (I will have to get you next time)

    - Trying to the one last rogue in the Alchemist mod to join my crew

    - being part of a slave purchase and I was NOT the buyer. And then mind reading and trap disarm.

    - getting terminated by Griffon (rob) to then being Arcane Renewed

    - Getting to the last minute of my death count after blowing the rest of my racial to solve a puzzle.

    - Ragging as Puck and Link shared mind. (I an glad the cop did not show up after all the yell) Then walking around drained afterwards.

    - Liddia yelling that Pluto is a planet and trying to educate the reset of the C guild about the ranks.
  16. ecrath

    ecrath Newbie

    To follow suit, thanks again to Sean and Nadine, and all of the plot team. I loved my first event.

    Top moments go to:

    -Trying not to be useless in combat.
    -The look on everyone's face when the Orc was swinging 25 magics into the air.
    -Sparring with everyone.
    -Teaching Draco things.
    -Trying to explain my present position in the Company.
    -Getting some magic armor from Al, thanks again.
    -Having my arm torn off.
    -Witnessing a goblin finally getting a proper funeral.
    -And of course getting my first magic item, forcing me to comeback in May. (Fully upgraded for those who care.)
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  17. jdackow

    jdackow Scholar

    Looks like Liddia was right.

    The word is now out. Researchers have found that the arguments for demotion of the planet, Pluto, are not valid. Thus, Pluto has been reinstated as a pure, bona fide 100% genuine planet, eligible for composers to go on writing compositions on Pluto to add to Gustave Holst's, The Planets (some composers already have done so.). Moreover, children now will have to learn the name of one more planet in our Solar System. See the attached article on the reinstatement.

    Pluto SHOULD be a planet: Astronomers claim controversial demotion was based on 'since-disproven reasoning'

    · Scientists propose new way to define a planet

    · This would see 110 objects in solar system classified as 'full-fledged' planets


    PUBLISHED: 14:36 EDT, 7 September 2018 | UPDATED: 17:24 EDT, 7 September 2018

    · - socialLinks

    More than a decade after it was demoted, the debate over whether Pluto is a planet has been reignited by a new study.

    New research from the University of Central Florida in Orlando claims the reason Pluto lost its planet status is 'not valid'.

    In 2006, the International Astronomical Union, a global group of astronomy experts, established a definition of a planet that required it to 'clear' its orbit, or in other words, be the largest gravitational force in its orbit.


    The new Florida study reviewed scientific literature from the past 200 years and found only one publication - from 1802 - that agreed with the IAU definition.


    Scientists have proposed a new way to define planets based on 'the physics of the world itself.'

    By the proposed geophysical definition: 'A planet is a sub-stellar mass body that has never undergone nuclear fusion and that has sufficient self-gravitation to assume a spheroidal shape adequately described by a triaxial ellipsoid regardless of its orbital parameters.'

    Or, simply put, 'round objects in space that are smaller than stars.'

    Since Neptune's gravity influences its neighboring planet Pluto, and Pluto shares its orbit with frozen gases and objects in the Kuiper belt, that meant Pluto was out of planet status.

    However, the new study reviewed scientific literature from the past 200 years and found only one publication - from 1802 - that used the clearing-orbit requirement to classify planets, and it was based on since-disproven reasoning.

    'The IAU definition would say that the fundamental object of planetary science, the planet, is supposed to be a defined on the basis of a concept that nobody uses in their research,' said UCF planetary scientist Philip Metzger, who is with the university's Florida Space Institute.

    'And it would leave out the second-most complex, interesting planet in our solar system.'

    Metzger said moons such as Saturn's Titan and Jupiter's Europa have been routinely called planets by planetary scientists since the time of Galileo.


    Adopting the new definition would see roughly 110 objects in the solar system classified as 'full-fledged' planets, including dwarf planets and moon planets such as Ceres, Pluto, Charon, and our own moon

    'We now have a list of well over 100 recent examples of planetary scientists using the word planet in a way that violates the IAU definition, but they are doing it because it's functionally useful.'

    'It's a sloppy definition

    'They didn't say what they meant by clearing their orbit. If you take that literally, then there are no planets, because no planet clears its orbit.'

    According to Metzger, the literature review showed that the real division between planets and other celestial bodies, such as asteroids, occurred in the early 1950s when Gerard Kuiper published a paper that made the distinction based on how they were formed.

    However, even this reason is no longer considered a factor that determines if a celestial body is a planet, he believes.

    Study co-author Kirby Runyon, with Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory in Laurel, Maryland, said the IAU's definition was erroneous since the literature review showed that clearing orbit is not a standard that is used for distinguishing asteroids from planets, as the IAU claimed when crafting the 2006 definition of planets.

    'We showed that this is a false historical claim,' Runyon said.

    'It is therefore fallacious to apply the same reasoning to Pluto,' he said.

    Metzger said that the definition of a planet should be based on its intrinsic properties, rather than ones that can change, such as the dynamics of a planet's orbit.

    'Dynamics are not constant, they are constantly changing,' Metzger said.

    'So, they are not the fundamental description of a body, they are just the occupation of a body at a current era.'

    Instead, Metzger recommends classifying a planet based on if it is large enough that its gravity allows it to become spherical in shape.

    'And that's not just an arbitrary definition, Metzger said.

    'It turns out this is an important milestone in the evolution of a planetary body, because apparently when it happens, it initiates active geology in the body.'

    Pluto, for instance, has an underground ocean, a multilayer atmosphere, organic compounds, evidence of ancient lakes and multiple moons, he said.

    'It's more dynamic and alive than Mars,' Metzger said.

    'The only planet that has more complex geology is the Earth.'

    Last year astronomers proposed a new way to define planets based on 'the physics of the world itself,' citing technical flaws in the definition adopted by the International Astronomical Union in 2006 as the reason for the possible overhaul.

    If accepted, the geophysical definition would essentially classify all 'round objects in space that are smaller than stars' as planets, including Pluto, other dwarf planets, and even moons.

    Scientists from NASA's New Horizon's mission will make their proposal at the Lunar and planetary Science Conference in March.

    The team argues that the IAU definition is flawed in several ways, including that it only recognizes as planets those which orbit our sun.

    This leaves out objects orbiting other stars or those orbiting freely through the galaxy.

    Along with this, they say there are parameters which even the planets in our solar system cannot satisfy.

    The new definition, they argue, would meet the needs of both scientific classification and 'peoples' intuition.'

    By the proposed geophysical definition: 'A planet is a sub-stellar mass body that has never undergone nuclear fusion and that has sufficient self-gravitation to assume a spheroidal shape adequately described by a triaxial ellipsoid regardless of its orbital parameters.'

    Or, simply put, 'round objects in space that are smaller than stars.'

    This definition holds the physics of the planet itself to more importance than the physics of its interactions with other objects, the researchers explain.

    Adopting this definition would see roughly 110 objects in the solar system classified as 'full-fledged' planets, including dwarf planets and moon planets such as Ceres, Pluto, Charon, and our own moon.

    According to the proposal, the new definition would be better for scientists, educators, and students alike, as it is more intuitive and emphasizes the intrinsic physical properties of a planetary body.


    More than a decade after it was demoted, Pluto could soon be considered a planet again – along with more than 100 other objects in our solar system. The newly proposed definition, simply put, would classify 'round objects in space that are smaller than stars' as planets

    And, it speaks to a practice that is already in use.

    'In keeping with emphasizing intrinsic properties, our geophysical definition is directly based on the physics of the world itself rather than the physics of its interactions with external objects,' the authors explain.

    'Our definition captures the common usage already present in the planetary science community.

    'In peer-reviewed planetary science publications and talks, the world 'planet' often substitutes for the given name of the world, even if the world is a moon or a dwarf planet.'


    · [​IMG]

    An Atlas V rocket carrying the New Horizons spacecraft on a mission to the planet Pluto lifts off from launch pad 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Cape Canaveral, Fla. on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006.

    The next target for NASA's New Horizons mission – which made a historic flight past Pluto in July 2015 –– apparently bears a colorful resemblance to its famous, main destination.

    Hubble Space Telescope data suggests that 2014 MU69, a small Kuiper Belt object (KBO) about a billion miles (1.6 billion kilometers) beyond Pluto, is as red, if not redder, than Pluto.

    This is the first hint at the surface properties of the far flung object that New Horizons will survey on Jan. 1, 2019.

    Both Hubble and cameras on the New Horizons spacecraft have been aimed at KBOs over the past two years, with New Horizons taking advantage of its unique vantage point in the Kuiper Belt to observe nearly a dozen small worlds in this barely explored region.

    MU69 is actually the smallest KBO to have its color measured – and scientists have used that data to confirm the object is part of the so-called cold classical region of the Kuiper Belt, which is believed to contain some of the oldest, most prehistoric material in the solar system.

    'The reddish color tells us the type of Kuiper Belt object 2014 MU69 is,' said Amanda Zangari, a New Horizons post-doctoral researcher from Southwest Research Institute.

    'The data confirms that on New Year's Day 2019, New Horizons will be looking at one of the ancient building blocks of the planets.'
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  18. Lurin

    Lurin Duke Chicago Staff

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  19. Pokethulu

    Pokethulu Spellsword Public Relations Committee

    See Pluto is a Planet!!!!!!

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