March 2019 event teaser


Seattle Staff
You find yourself within a dream,

But the dream is not your own.

Your thoughts unspool around you in familiar shapes. Memories and feelings dance in your mind, occupying the space around you in a tenebrous ballet of emotions and half-remembered images.

Within the dreaming you are able to travel without moving. You can speak, hear, and be heard across an ocean, or a mountain range, and your loved ones can find you at a whim. This place is everything you need it to be, and nothing at all.

But this time is different, and you are not alone here. You know the feelings of others within the dreamscape, and you experience them like you can sense the warmth of a fire in your hearth, or the smell of cooking on a stove. This, however, is different. This is wood smoke on a murky night, or a needle dropped in a thick rug. This is blood in dark water.

The dreaming presses against somewhere else, and this other place is feels like a barrel full of eels. The feeling of wet, meaty rope lashing angrily against itself sits behind a tenuous membrane of thought, and just when you think you must flee, or wake, that film is pierced like a stiletto slipping between ribs.

You feel something snake through the breach in the fabric of this place, and it feels as if this scabby, loathsome thing comes for you, and those like you. It is dark and full of teeth as it surrounds you with scaly segments. It is dread.

It is a wyrm.