March 2020 Season Opener Favorite Moments!


Denver Staff
Kansas Staff
Hey folks!! It was a sorta dreary dark weekend, but spirits were so high during game!! Thank you all so much for attending and spending your weekend with us, truly was delightful getting to see you all again! Lets show some love for all our fellow players and cast members here by sharing your highlights from the weekend!
Oh my god, so much.

Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed playing my alt character... finally.
Due to primarily not knowing common, I got a fair bit of use from mental abilities and it was fantastic.
The rogue gameplay is really fun for me.
My interactions with a lot people, even celestialists, was quite interesting in my opinion.
I think this was a fantastic chill game, and was very refreshing.
Hearing what people think of my main was also very nice to hear from an out of game level, and useful in curbing mounting doubt about him.


Very fun event! It was great seeing everyone and playing with y'all.

Though it is odd that the same weekend that I cast my first (celestial) ritual is the weekend that my character became friends with a biata...

I actually liked that the event was more laid back. More time for role-playing and getting to know people, and rarely felt board.

But I did feel sorry for the low PC-NPC ratio. Sorry to not NPC a shift this event, but I really didn't want to do clothing swaps during a pandemic, since Omaha (and my workplace) is taking it pretty seriously.

Stay healthy everyone! I hope to see you all in April.

Patrick / Swifteagle


It was great to have such a chill weekend! I still had plenty of things to go fight, but also got some great rp in with my fellow PCs (^u^)

I think the feast overall was my favorite thing. After all the stress of the Blight, being able to share a meal, celebrate, and get a little intoxicated with my fellow adventurers was a treat <3
Here's a few shoutouts!
Val: Thank you for capturing that spider for us! You kept the tavern safe from creepy crawly intruders for another day :p
Daxter: That was some great RP this weekend- we had some good shenanigans and I'm looking forward to continuing that as Ira continues to learn magic from Daxter.
Skreek! As always it's a pleasure to rp with your chaotic bird, Ira cares a lot about her and definitely worries when she goes off. Also your cornbread was fantastic-
Liliana & Serabi (and others who helped with the feast preparation): Thank you for your hard work, as always the food was delicious! But special kudos for preparing it in that quantity for everyone

Can't wait to see what April's game will bring!