March 2021 Monthly Report


Assistant General Manager
Greetings, Alliance community!

The national staff has been working on a new project: a monthly report posted publicly here on the forums giving updates on recent goings-on within the organization. This is a continuation of our recent push to improve organizational transparency, with the goal of reassuring our players that the national staff are hard at work in improving the game and creating new and exciting content. These monthly reports will cover five major topics:
  1. Progress updates from each of the Alliance committees.
  2. Any chapter-specific updates or news that owners wish to share.
  3. News about upcoming featured events or conventions.
  4. Dragon Stamp awards given for contributions to the game at a national level, including the salaries awarded to national staff members.
  5. A brief overview of the projects that are currently in development.
We are excited to share the first of these reports with you here for the month of March. See you all again in April!

Best wishes,


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