March event faves


Etherian almost making off with the bottle. (And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for them meddling kids!)

Seeing players respond to the Harkonnian WSJ.

Yenu's songs.

Matron Gyr's interrogation of the council.


Matron Gyr's meeting and subsequent interrogation of the Company members.

Watching Trillian during the "Discussion".

All of the great roleplay!


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jpariury said:
Etherian almost making off with the bottle. (And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for them meddling kids!)
+1...was quietly hoping to keep coming back...would have also liked to have a few more bodies present.

Having more RP interaction with the PCs as an NPC...just from a slightly different angle than usual.

The tentacle beastie...Players going 'Run Away' to reorganize...

The new NPCs & PCs...keeping fresh blood coming in.


Mystic wood elf task force!

Able waylaying mosby because takara jokingly "read" the news letter to him saying things like "ables dumb and has inferior horns to takara.". "Able doesnt get lunch because no one likes him." and so on. Then mentioning that maybe that one guy over there (mosby) was probably the one who wrote all those horrible things about him.

The big fight durring the evening was also really fun. Props to the plot team.


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The tentacle monster fight. Well, both of them. :)
The line about Ifthikaar's hat.
Fighting the Minotars on Sunday morning and nearly killing another low-level character on a morning mod
Oooh. Silver growths.
The sappy letters.
Teaching Yames to read.
Watching Killian pull some crazy maneuver where he slid his shield behind himself to keep someone from attacking his back, then spinning around to kill the guy. It was amazing to watch.
The Death-Day ceremony. :)
Trying to explain to Virid how forgetting things after binge drinking is different to Prashka than being hit with amnesia.
Spending time with Yenu again! Sadly too short, though.
Watching Alcandar trying to keep Abel from being jailed or whatnot all day Saturday.
Being part of the ceremony to give our newest Legion member his favour! :)
Matron Gyr. She was creepy in a good way.
Awkward moments with Yenu getting hit on by the sailor.
Barnacle sailor! :D Barnacles are the mushrooms of the sea!
Stalking Nicholas, Davion and Malcom as unseen protectors with Yames.
The look on Prashka's face when she tagged me with an Ice Storm (thanks buddy).
Being blindsided by Trillion when she asked "what does honor mean to you?"
Butchering my lines during the Death Day Ceremony.
Leading the MWE frolic.
Looking for my sword only to realize with horror that arranin had hidden it from me and I had no idea how to politely ask for it back so I asked prashka to do it for me... she didn't.
Yenu's song.
Realizing I screwed up my pecan RP by not getting a slice of pie when I went through the first time and having to go back and pretend to love it.
Bonding with killian over pecan lust.


Masticon: "What happened to Mosby?"
John (Mosby's gaurd): "We re-negotiated our contract."
Masticn: "Is he dead?"
John: "No."

Harkonian scout getting valuable information on the town while they battled the big tentacle beast

Seeing all my friends :)


All the amazing RP
The new Legion members Nicholas and Cydan. Way to get your favor and a rez first game C!
My adorable frolic of Mystic Wood Elves. MWE Task force!!!
Saving Abel's butt with all my powers of talking
Finding out more about the island
RPing with people I don't normally get a chance to talk to that much like Caina and Masticon.
Listening to Masticon's opinions regarding things...
Getting a chunk of silver melded to my spirit.
Death day ceremony.
Tentacle beasts!
Getting to practice my etiquette with Matron Gyr and only getting scolded once. Getting apologized to by a noble. Most awkward sandwich ever.
Sharing some "guy love" with JP
Saturday night in the Legion house. I can't even say what I am thinking but those of you who were there know what I mean. FPB! I bet Cinderella needs a cough drop...
The Legion Van rides (I know it's not at the event but dang it, they rock!) Hey Bond, you got silver on you.
Hanging out with all my friends new and old.
What an awesome event! There is way to much to talk about.


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In no particular order:
  • "How to kill a dragon" with Black, who couldn't have planned the end of that conversation any better.
  • Trying to figure out why Prashka was opposed to the story of her heroism being told.
  • All the pecan-based RP, and having to ascertain who was compromised before discussing theories.
  • "Would you eat me" conversations, which I had in two separate contexts.
  • Trying to figure out how to say that I really would rather not go up to the outside of the Earth circle and yell for Arannin.
  • "No, there's no unconscious farmer back there. Nothing is wrong. Go away."\
  • Being absolutely milked for money, even though I couldn't hear half the song.


A few more:

All the PCs who were awesome sports with accepting the pecan roleplay effect. Part of the plot team's concern was how to handle explaining how all of the PCs just magically didn't get affected, and you guys made the whole event that much more real!

Also, I mentioned this at the southern afters because I forgot to mention it at the event, but it bears repeating: a HUGE thank you to Carmen, who ran around with me two days before the event getting the material for the giant tentacles and then spent 20 hours sewing it all together for this event. We had lots of bad ideas about how to do the tentacles, and she made none of them necessary!
Awesome event!

It was awesome to finally feel like I was a part of the town as Tahlro, people seemed to start looking for me to do things with them!

The cave with exploding golems and the RP after with JP/Onik and everyone in the earth circle after!
Spirit mark, first ritual effect ever had as my character. no magic items for me;)
Operation F ship up plotting at stupid o'clock
Legion cabin saturday night and "I'm going into Princess mode" Of course FPB.
Tentacle monsters and testing things against them, distracting big bad monsters so etharian could drop his prison.
all the pecan related stuff!
Seeing everyone was just the best.


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The giant tentacle was pretty epic, as was my gravity-assisted trip to reach the other side of it soaking wet.

I'm glad I didn't ruin Death Day by pointing out such petty things as rules.
-Delicious, delicious pecans. I think I ate about 2 ritual scrolls' worth, much to my later horror
-cave fight with JP's dwarf. Very fun. Really, everything about JP's dwarf was fun.
-Yenu's songs! Fantastic.. esp. the part about Iftikhaar's hat
-Sean's genie. Also Joe as Mosby, that jerk. (Mosby, not Joe)
-Killion picking pecan pieces out of the pine needles and dirt and eating them
-late night Sat. conversation with Arannin, Chickenleg, and Yenu. What a group..


So jealous. I have a feeling I'll have epic stories to listen to when I get back!


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iWolfe said:
So jealous. I have a feeling I'll have epic stories to listen to when I get back!
You were missed...and by missed, we could not find you to hit you with packets & stuff.


SkollWolfrun said:
we could not find you to hit you with packets & stuff.
I THOUGHT something was different. Hum.