May 2-5 opener favorites


Hey everyone!

I hope everyone enjoyed the opener as much as I did. If you did, I'm sure the staff would love to hear about it as well. Your favorites tell them the story they already know but with the twist of your perspective and experiences. Share you favorites, relive your fears and successes, hype, hype, hype for future events!


New Hampshire Staff
It was amazing event one of the best times I've had larping in 2 year thank you to all the staff,npcs and players thank made it possible:)

1. Finally putting so many pieces of a puzzle that is plot together

2. Getting to run thru a immortal I've been waiting a whole winter to do that :)

2. Necro spells to drop my repel :) thank Albert the rage behind my mask was real well played

3. Lord of meat nothin made me chuckle more than sunday more BS talks with PCs

4. Geting hit with a solid corrupt from a undead it fun to kill your friends

5. The black bag a npc mod that was enjoyable will job plot on a well written mod good puzzles and great work from npcs

I'm sure there are more but I'm still pretty beat from the event cant wait to see you at ciderfell if you get to make it


What a blast this event was! Thank you to staff, NPCs, and fellow PCs for working hard and playing along! I knew I'd miss combat as a Page, but all the singing and partying and sharing of instruments was even more fun than I baragined for!

Some specific shoutouts in no particular order:

Sharing lyric books with Lorelai and going back and forth with our songs ALL WEEKEND!!! I am so glad to have someone who is equally enthusiastic about keeping the tavern full of song. It gives me life!!

Meeting Loraloc and Daelin! (whose name spellings I'm sure I've butchered, sorry!) Y'all have phenomenal costumes and props, did a ton to add to immersion, and were really delightful to play with! Please keep singing and playing rhythm games, it's sososo fun! And we need to continue our philosophy discussions for sure!!!

A general shout out to everyone who participated in all the music - we had legit moments of 3 part harmonies and upwards of 7 instruments going at the same time! I went full music teacher on y'all and you did NOT disappoint!

Speaking of teaching!!! Seth, your hobling is DELIGHTFUL. I really enjoyed trying to convey musical techniques to a dude who was so very earnest and interested, yet so at a loss! VOCAL LESSONS WILL CONTINUE IN THE FUTURE, I'M SURE!

Vera, my Outlands buddy, bearer of bad news and beautiful harmonies! Thanks for playing such a fun Chaosborn and comiserating about Outlands drama with me, Ren!

Sebastian and the resurrection RP scene. Really enjoyable, really well done, thanks for that opportunity!

MUSICAL MOD WITH THE PLAYFUL UNSEEN, HOW PRECIOUS! How entirely fun! Thank you so much for the special attention and for frolicking through the woods and parading back to town with meeee! Melody is a totally cool Chaosborn for Vessa to add to her network of fellow musicians!

ALOISE. WITH YOUR FANS. AND YOUR DANCING!!!!! He is too much fun. Vessa should never encourage that many shots again. ...or maybe she'll do exactly that at every given opportunity, who knows!
But for real, Andrew, it's a delight to play with you, especially since it seems that both Ukzwe and Vessa have a relationship with Aloise but in VERY different ways... so fun to explore the varied RP!

And, of course, the MASSIVE plot drop with that journal! "This is some serious high-level cosmic nonsense!" "I'm just a dude with a fan!" Ahahaha! Vessa likes to pretend to be An Intellectual sometimes, though she often struggles to pay attention or follow-up consistently, so this stuff... was some serious "whoa." Loved it!

Great job everyone! Hope to see y'all for more singing party time at Cinderfel!!


The hilarious ramshackle tent shared with my nethel. Sleeping on the ground and rather doing some honest camping for a change.

Actually getting to mix it up in combat, which for me has previously been limited or even absent altogether some events. Actually getting treasure is likewise pretty neat and probably more novel than is normal for most players!

Speaking of that, kudos to monster desk this event! Skirmishes felt appropriate. The big Sunday battle felt epic. The Saturday night finale was a real nail biter towards the end. I know how unpredictable that sort of effort can be, so it's nice when the hard work is recognized from the player perspective.

Vessa's singing and getting everyone involved in the music made the trading post feel really alive and atmospheric.

Getting to inflict, uh... share my character's ridiculous sense of humor on new victims, er... friends! Also getting to aggressively subject our latest group of non-Imladari acquaintances to the joys of the edhellin tongue. Sorrynotsorry.

Drinking games! Galu!

Being a good honeg and keeping my thêl safe in combat so that she could actually cast spells for a change! A weird thing to celebrate, to be sure, but she's always so proud of herself after these things that it's worth mentioning.

Coming up with the title Hir o Aes was hilariously fun. I've since the event also given this title to the meat department manager at the store I work at. Learning Sindarin is a very weird journey of its own, and without a speaking population to practice with, one needs to flex those language muscles any way you can.

Daelinn and Lauraloche (you were close, Suzie!) had a long conversation concerning all of the wonderful new mellyn that they met. While we're really going to miss Ashbury after this season, we're really excited about getting a taste of our future new LARP home. And we might not have chosen it had it not been part of the greater Alliance network, so there's that to be thankful for as well! You guys are fantastic!
NPCs, as always, what a great bunch of folks making our time so much more enjoyable.

The two elves, brother and sister, who were so generous and welcoming. Sometimes I find it hard to get to know someone new in game but you guys make it so much fun. Great costumes, great props, delicious food and drink. HOLY COW THAT SPICY DRINK!!! Tasty and yet burny. Loved it.

Never having played Tempesta in Videa, I enjoyed trying to learn a new land.

I enjoyed that a mod was put into the story so that our lovely page could play. From someone who also hates page-ing, it was a cool thing to see.

Going through almost all of my healing just to take down a corrupted Mata was enjoyable.

Re-making Tempesta and getting to streamline her. Trying to remember all the new incants. Figuring out the new rituals on her magic item. Seriously, from someone who does NOT deal well with change, it hasn't been that bad. Maybe because of her race, class, skills, etc. But I actually enjoyed the new rules. Also figuring out her new ears - LOL!

Rhythm games in the tavern!

The citrus water in the tavern. Whenever I got the least bit thirsty I was always excited to know there was water with fruit in it instead of sugary stuff all the time. Also - Meat on a stick with some of the most delicious bbq sauce.

Mike and I both enjoyed being able to participate as lower level characters and not dying every time we turned around.

Looking forward to so many new adventures in Videa.