May 2017 Favorites


Great event! In no particular order:
Mod sticks! I love this idea! I literally walked though the woods on Saturday and discovered them all, read the tracks and went back to my group and decided which to tackle first. Wait a few hours upon completing said mod, then retrieved the next one rinse repeat.
The inkling in the tavern!
Inkling NPC: 5 consumption! 5 consumption!
Me: no effect! 10 normal! (As I'm as close as possible with a bow so he attacks only me since I had no spells)
Inkling NPC: 5 body! 5 body! 5 body!
Me: oh crap, it just got real!
Stupid o clock conversations with The Dohenys. It's great to have you guys back.
Hot pockets and Alabama hot pockets. Don't ask if you don't know
Fighting will o'wisps with on the scouting mod. Hate those dominates.
Red cloud feebleminded was hilarious!
"Flowers! Owie! Shhh! I'm in camouflage!"
being attacked in tavern by inkling while I sit there eating strawberries . Priorities.
Harassing and distracting the goblin played by Chris from behind while the low levels fight it one on one.
Just hearing the stories from Justin, Black Forest and Stabley from all their collective experiences over the decades they've been playing. I love hearing them.
Noldrick popped his ritual cherry! Even though it was a struggle for him to stay awake. And the fact he almost forgot to say what ritual he was casting.
That's all that I can remember for now.
Can't wait to return for the next event!
Ryan Smathers aka Trevor
For someone who hasn't played Alliance in a LONG time, this event was perfect. Made some new friends, reconnected with old ones, fought sword and board for the first time ever as a PC, and only hurt myself once! Favorite moments were definitely downtime in the cabin and education that came with that (hot pockets, the rotary club, plans for thunder dome, etc), best magic item creation ever, howl bears, inklings and blinklings, learning about the guilds (guys, there's a PARTY guild!), the dwarf attack after watching Black Forests mod, and Hootie and Blowfish.

I was nervous about coming back, but 10 minutes in and I was as comfortable as I had ever been at any event I've played. The staff and players were welcoming, friendly and helpful all weekend. I've always said that LARP is some of the best stress relief, and I got just that this weekend. Thank you all so much for an amazing, fun and relaxing weekend in the woods. Can't wait to do it again!


Alliance Rules
Gettysburg Staff
Oh man.

What a fantastic return (and event to return for) for Kiersten and I!

1. "What are you?" "Are you asking me what you see out of game?" "No." Best dirty look of the event.

2. Nicknames all around. Hootie & the Blowfish. Not enough weapon guy. More not enough weapon guy.

3. Random heckling. "Im going to stay quiet now, Tieran heckled me earlier."

4. Howlbears.

5. Howlbears. (Yes, twice!)

6. All the stick mods!

7. Plant mod: Room 1: Get em! Room 2: Get em! Room 3: Get em! Oh! Treasure! Oh crap! There is a room 4 and they're getting us! Ok, now treasure. Time to leave. Front Door: Two plants, pull vines, shoot arrows, vines eat incoming acid and poisons, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, get bored. Pull vines, jack in the box Tieran!

8. All the people I've not seen in more than a year and some even longer.

9. Much too late at night cabin nonsense.

Fantastic to be back!

Oh man lets see....
1. Attempting to join the merriment's guild and immediately spilling tea all over myself and an innocent town person.
2. fighting on the back porch with Black Forest. While not dishing out a whole lot of damage, I felt my shield was useful.
3. Gilwing bringing me back from the dead twice the second time with 4 seconds on left and just saying "you're gonna have to stop doing that man"
4. Dom's howlbear, he would come out as either a baby or a full grown one. howl bear stared me down and I figured well it must be the baby (poor time to meta game) was not the baby.
5. Seeing everyone again and meeting new people is always a blast. Dinner after the game was fun and there was so much Ogre hype for future games! So excited to meet Ona!


Gettysburg Staff
This was a fantastic event. It was basically non-stop action for me. Here is a list of my favorite moments:

1. The Goblin Wanted Poster - I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time.

2. "You need a longer weapon" said to me by at least a half dozen different people throughout the event.

3. Meeting so many new and friendly people (Mugs, Midrak, Near Duil to name just a few).

4. Being reverse looted by undead...

5. The never ending supply of goblin brothers tracking/attacking Justyn and myself.

6. "What are you carrying?", "a fish", "a fish?", "yes, a fish"...

7. Showing my oldest daughter my guild badges Sunday night after the event and having her tell me that "Oh, this is just like Skyrim where you join all the factions" and me realizing that was exactly what I had been doing without realizing it. Keegan wants all the plotses.

8. The modules were a lot of fun. I went through several of them with different groups and had a blast each time...they were pretty lucrative too.

9. Volunteering Justyn for every hazardous mission that came up. He'll thank me later I'm sure...

10. Finding out that Justyn and I had made mama goblin mad for killing all hers kids.

That's all I can think of at the moment. The NPC's rocked this event out!

Ryan Kelsey (Keegan O'Connell)


This event keep my nerding on point, and there were plenty of potential favorites... here are a few.

1. Seeing old friends return... *Kills random undead* "I search you... *hands me my stuff, looks me in the eyes, smiles and walks away and I'm surprised, but plesantly so* Turns to Mike B... "Was that Stabley? Awesome...."

2. Redcloud checks with Auric that we're staying put for a while before ordering nachos. Queue undead invasion... Auric: "Were going now!" Red:"But... but... my nachos"

3. Getiing back from rallying the troops, and finding my nachos still waiting for me, putting them down to fight and getting stuck in the fey ward, with them locked outside and convincing a random undead to bring me them. Then getting the look of rage from Gilwing as im happily munching nachos inside while they are on the back porch fighting... I was feared, so I was eating to calm my nerves...

4. Saturday morning breakfast, the sages are sitting down discussing the cryptic messages and how the keys that will be delivered makes them easier to solve.
Red: "Oh, theres a key? I already figured mine out..." Falor: "Good job!" Someome hands the owl a sheet of paper with strange writing on it and asks what it is, he looks at it and says, "I've never seen this before, I have no idea." to which I pipe up, "I can read that for you!" Look of bewilderment from the owl, "You can?!"
Thats when i decided I needed to join the sages guild, or rather, the sages guild needed me to join them.

5. Walking the loop early (a relative term for us, it was just after 10) saturday morning and finding stuff all around our cabin... "It's like it rained treasure last night"

6. Apparently becoming feeblemind target alpha-1 during our vine mod and spending the entire mod walking around like a 4yr old, but at least entertaining the other group that was watching. (I did mention to my entire team that I had a pocket full of purify potions before the mod, but i guess I was more useful being a meat shield while they refit armor)

thats all I can think of now, must be a lil feeblemind still left in my system.



Hmmm where to start

As with Keegan the goblin poster was hilarious then the high Ogers yelling "wait I can read that!"

The mods were fun

Being followed by a blinkywisp even with the domination

Meeting new friends and remedying the few from last time is always the best part of the game

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Now I know what has been missing in my life.

My favorite moments:

1) Anticipating the sweet moment that I could rewrite my character with a bigger stick.

2) Saving the townsperson from the R.O.U.S.s.

3) Watching Keegan’s many “honor duels” with a clan of goblins.

4) The Will’o’Wisp, all lit up and freaky in the night, is pulling my entire party into the lake and I am pummeling it with my daggers screaming “two normal, two normal, two normal!” because it had 45 body, so that it couldn’t be killed with a single mug.

5) The concept and surprising usefulness of throwing mugs.

6) Deadwalk. Most of the high level characters are dead or have left the tavern. Naerduil is backed in a corner. His armor is tattered and useless, he is down to 2 body points and he is surrounded by undead. Then Chef Rick invites me into the kitchen ward. Saved my bacon.

7) After several hours of trying to stand alongside my battle-brothers against the waves of undead attacking the tavern (that I couldn’t even damage), I finally jumped off the back deck and hid in the shadows.

8) Taking a stroll alone in the woods searching for “easter eggs” and realizing that I felt totally in character.

9) Actually, not taking any damage in the final battle(s) on Sunday, while still being fairly active (and extremely sore and crotchety). I just focused on blocking and keeping NPCs busy.

10) At the end of the event, I was about to start my voluntary spell packet/garbage search and I am hailed from across the courtyard from a vaguely unfamiliar, but friendly, face. He tells me my weapons are too short. Half an hour later, I am standing next to my car about to leave and another person tells me that the weapons marshal has declared my daggers to be too short to even be legal daggers (that angry half an inch). Later, I am reading other people’s favorite moments and it dawns on me that I am “the other guy with short weapons.” Apparently, I was wrong. Size does matter.

11) Returning to my cousin’s pipe weed ranch in the Empire and discovering why Selunari slave girls are worth 24 gold when most merchants would only guess 15. Pardon my Elvish, but they are “totes adorbs” after all. (Note to Plot: My character’s cousin does not own slaves and he pays his laborers a fair wage. This is an inside-out-of-game meta-joke.)

I had the most fun I’ve had in the last three decades with my pants on this weekend and I hold all of you responsible. No. That isn’t nearly as bad as it sounded. Not that I'm bragging. The NPCs were awesome and I feel I have a better understanding of what I need to do when I NPC. I should have started larping years ago when I first heard about it. I would say that I found my happy place, but I typed this at work and I hate this place, but I’m still happy... and I've been off my anti-depressants for a week. This must be how crack addicts feel. Yes. I can read your mind and I know what you want.

As you wish.



Shenanigans all over the place, verrah good.

-New monster card binders!! YES! So much organize. So much binder. One step closer to more efficient shenanigans.
-Watching the shipment cargo going back and forth and back again around the lake. Best magic fear.
-A wyld player appears in NPC City that I hadn't seen at a game in a minute, ARE YOU LOST GOOD SIR?! ;)
-"The meeting went quite well."
-Puzzle nerds doin puzzle nerd things and wanting to be puzzle nerds. So good. :)

And, for real: Mod Sticks
You guys. What. Perfect, yes good. Immensely thrilled at how well they worked out.
Plot can do things with these things. And they hold mousetraps. Plot now knows they can hold mouse traps. *happy hands*

Looking forward to the Fall Events!