May 24th Long Weekend Preregistration!

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    Site will be Camp Pokanoka
    We look forward to seeing you at the weekend! At our final 2.0 Playtest Event!

    All PCs should report to Oriole Lodge (Tavern) and NPCs to Whipporwill Lodge (NPC camp)

    The event for PCs will cost $130 and NPCs $50; however anyone who preregisters will gain a $30 discount! Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner on Saturday and Sunday are included with your event fee.

    The site opens 6PM on Friday May 24th, registration AND a soft lay on will begin at 8PM with PC talk and the hard lay on around 10PM. Second and Third Day Logistics will both be at 2PM Saturday and Sunday respectively! (this is a new lco policy and let us know if you love or hate it) Monday will be plot loose ends and clean up! Our goal is to be off site about noon on Monday.

    Site is Camp Pokanoka: N 2703rd Rd, Ottawa, IL 61350

    Preregistrations should include needed tags, your production, magic items, and any food allergies. Battleboards forms are available at logistics just ask! These must be sent to no later than Tuesday May 21st at 11:59Pm. Or you may use our prereg form found here:

    Prepay via paypal to...

    WITH that said when 2.0 goes live everyone will get a spirit forge and race change! But that is May 31st! Right now we are operating under playtest-transition rules. Some notes: We will allow a spirit forge for this event however you must remain you current race (Barbarians/Oathsworn are an exception). Anyone who has successfully converted their magic items already (IE before the events) may use them however no duration charges will be burned at these events. - Long Weekend we will print your current 1.3 card to verify build/deaths ect...but ask YOU print your card (this could be to a pdf sent to us that we then print FYI) using one of the excellent character spreadsheets on the forum or the freeplay CMA: -IF you attended the April 26th Weekend you will be granted two character cards for the Long Weekend- we will allow you to switch cards at second logistics! (anyone who crafts a card on site with our logistics folks will not have this option available to them) We are trying to be super lenient to help the opener be a strong and well rounded playtest to leap frog everyone into the long weekend with everyone having a better idea of what 2.0 is...since that is the last weekend to playtest before the Go Live!
    - With that said we remind you everyone Plot/PC/NPC will be making mistakes and everyone must be patient with each other, but on that note to be clear the game and world does continue. Although Plot will examine deaths that take place they will be recorded if found to be clean.
    - This is a process and we are all learning together. The most important thing you can do if you have not converted your production, magic items, or ritual scrolls is to do so before the opener. There are various resources posted about this already we can give you links if you ask! As a note the Merchant Skill is currently not active in Chicago. We are focused on conversion. The skill will be active again as soon as the Go Live hits!
    - As a note we will be allowing any PC who jumps ship for 4-6 hours to return to game with all of their personal spell stores filled with spells of their choice. But you must sign up with plot friday night before game for this shift (or before the event).
    - Lastly please send an email to to let Ashe know which group you are with for cabin assignments. A second post about that will follow. There are 8 beds in most cabins a few only have 4. Tenting is welcome! We will be trying to minimize or eliminate sleeping in the Tavern for this event. If you need electricity for some reason let her know arrangements can be made. Try to let her know by Sunday the 19th.

    1. Adam P (Peter the Hero Dhugan)
    2. Emma B (Agate)
    3. Brian L (Corbell)
    4. Leanne L (Skylark)
    5. Andrea R (Gerty)
    6. Ryan B (Binks)
    7. Jonathan M (Roff)
    8. Kyle S (Talus)
    9. Carly B (Dagmara)
    10. Jared M (Glenn)
    11. Derek S (Sam)
    12. Ryan S (Roderick)
    13. Nick P (Foss)
    14. Tristin W (Frederick)
    15. Andrew N (Rusty)
    16. Matt M (Desylvia)
    17. Ryan C (Durin)
    18. Dwayne B (Shen)
    19. Sid P (Ragnarok)
    20. Sam S (Beryl)
    21. Ashe Y (Yao)
    22. Amanda F (Liddia-Sat)
    23. Ethan R (Ignatius)
    24. Jacob B (Edwin)
    25. Kathryn L (Auryn)
    26. Jenn P (Mutt)
    27. Connor J (Wild Rose)
    28. William P (Errick)
    29. Kayla S (Locke)
    30. Jenny S (Jamina)
    31. Ib A (Rengar)
    32. Kierra P (Saro)
    33. James F (Grimshaw -Sunday)
    34. Shane N (Ezrin)
    35. Morgan M (Ten)
    36. Zach S (Elros)
    37. Daphne P (Eve)
    38. Mia L (Kai)
    39. Brian G (Thaddeus)
    40. Stephanie P (Mila)
    41. Alex M (Jrajj)
    42. Ian S (Draco)
    43. Kyle H (Edwin)
    44. Emma H (Intern)
    45. Jordan F (Valentino)
    46. Matt E (Garwon)
    47. Alanna E (Vanya)
    48. Jessica A (Cammy)
    49. Thomas M (Ractor Sat/Sun)
    50. Rob K (New)
    51. Louis M (Finch)

    1. Nate B
    2. Carrie B
    3. Alexander T
    4. John G
    5. Emma A
    6. Rob D
    7. Amie W
    8. Melaina F (Sunday)
    9. Sarah W
    10. Jesse M
    11. Jon D (Sunday)
    12. Kate M
    13. Migs the Murderer
    14. Jared H
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    I got this. These are good odds.
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    Uh, just curious about the current headcount? I might bake something.
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    Make sure to get those preregs in!!
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    Good to see Migs finally live up to his destiny

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