May 3-5 Weekend Event: Preregistration

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  1. Keegan

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    Here is the pre-registration list for the May 3-5 event. Make sure to register for the event in the CMA so we have access to your character!

    1. DJ Hartman - :)
    2. Alex Steslow- :)
    3. Sarah Shimko - :)
    4. Kiersten Doheny- :)
    5. Michael Steslow- :)
    6. Robert Ames- :)
    7. Ryan Kelsey :)
    8. Matt Colosimo :)
    9. Justin Doheny :)
    10. Kyle Gutshall - :)
    11. Colby Lingerfelt - Annual Membership Fee
    12. Mike Stabley - Registered, Not Paid
    13. Alexis Harrington, :)
    14. Doe McCarson, :)
    15. Rob Kinlen, :)
    16. Daniel Perez - Annual Membership Fee
    17. Lida McCarson - Annual Membership Fee
    18. Brooke Stoker - Registered, Not Paid,
    19. Jonathan Martuneac - :)
    20. Lily Baillargeon - :)
    21. Frank Green - Annual Membership Fee
    22. Gryffin Kinlen - :)
    23. Cullen Baillargeon - :)
    24. Dan Baillargeon - :)
    25. Tonya Baillaregon - :)
    26. Kelly Leveille -Annual Membership Fee
    27. Jackie Greising - :)
    28. Lilly Baillargeon - :)
    29. Jessie Gunter - :)
    30. Onitt Hernandez - Not paid
    31. Ryan Leveille - :)
    32. Kyle Spriggle - :)
    33. Danielle Darwell - Annual Membership Fee
    34. Jim Warrington - :)
    35. Andrew Campbell - :)
    36. Kris Taylor - Not Paid
    37. William Duffy - :)
    1. Kate Ditzler - Staff
    2. Tyson Weise - Staff
    3. Mandy Sevetsky - Staff
    4. Stephanie Kelsey - Tavern
    5. Mike Balsome
    6. Drew Resele
    7. David Balsome
    8. Matt Watkins
    9. Jessica Yerger
    10. Mike Wasileswki (spelling?)
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  3. Gilwing

    Gilwing Baron Alliance Logistics

  4. Keegan

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    Greetings AGB,

    We are one week out from the next event. Please make sure to register in CMA (this includes NPCs) so we will have your characters available at logistics Friday night, you get event credit and for you to count towards Treasure Policy.

    We will also be doing production conversions so please gather your old tags and make a list of what needs to be exchanged and/or replaced. We will have multiple people at logistics to assist you and can print tags on demand. It would be much easier if you could email logistics at ahead of the event so we can prepare your tags early. For magic item questions and help with the conversion process please contact Justin at

    Also, if you have not signed up for food donations please do so. All donations qualify for gobbies and boons. Please reach out to Mandy at

    Finally, the camp has forbidden us from taping, stapling, pinning or otherwise adhering anything to the the doors, walls, etc. Last event there was duct tape used to tape an extension cord over a door frame and it left behind a sticky residue the camp manager was not happy about. We have been warned that if this happens again, they will charge us additional fees to cover the cost of repairing the affected areas. AGB has purchased several dry erase boards to use for our purposes and I highly recommend you do the same for your wards, marshal notes, etc. You can find them at places like Staples for under $10.00.

    I am very excited to see everyone next Friday!

  5. Danny Boy

    Danny Boy Newbie

    Just paid for Tonya, Cullen and Dan.
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  6. OrmForHire

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    Redid the CMA for Daxos on 4/27.
  7. Keegan

    Keegan Newbie Owner

    Tonya still needs to register in CMA. You will not count towards treasure policy if you are not registered by Thursday evening.
  8. tieran

    tieran Duke Gettysburg Staff Marshal

    That’s a lot of treasure.
  9. shyacorak

    shyacorak Spellsword

    I think I managed to prereister. This system is hella cool but I am a slow to learn some new things LOL
  10. Keegan

    Keegan Newbie Owner

    You're in!

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