May event favorites


I wasn't able to be there for this event but I'd love to hear how it went. What were some of your favorite moments?


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I've recovered enough to be able to type at least so I guess I'll get things started, in no particular order.

- Tasty Gluten treats for sale (they really help make snack time enjoyable!)
- Beverages and other items for sale.
- "Buying a round" of lemonade for the new folks! Welcome to town.
- Bidding against Sid, surely 2 silvers for each of the 11 eleven people is more fair than one?
- Guild titles fun
- World development, still not a lot of PC influence but it's nice to see things start to come together.
- Epic Magic storm
- Fighting with Peter Dugan, finally someone who will murder things if you give them a chance!
- Playing "Poke"
- Random Steak delivery
- Benjamin's Euphoria RP, understated but excellent.


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I enjoyed the late night healing arts training, featuring the blood sharks.

Playing "Poke" Everyone in town seemed to be having a great time with it. Lots of smiling and laughing. Thanks Gary & Frankfurt.

Finding the gold coin we threw on the tavern roof last October. Thanks Bruisey.

"Hi I'm Ragnarock, grrrrr"

Disarming Gary's Banana


Poke was a blast.
Frankfurt and Not Frankfurt playing Ragnarock
Realizing after we retreated hey I can put myself in a sanctuary and be a meat shield for this undead fight...sorry probably should have done it when they were throwing 90 slays...
Feeling like it wasn't just load up the murder wagon and go. Each encounter had what seemed like at least two if not more ways to get through it.
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-I hate fae games, but "poke" was actually pretty fun.
-Gerty showing up in her rollers
-Zihr making the sacrifice (you're my boy blue) and Azeban being just as willing (for the honor of the blood!). We do have fun!
-Keranna the cup bearer. You weren't invisible before, but I'm glad we can all see you now.
-"Jamina, would you like some sausage?"
-Learning and living more of the Legend of Peter Dhugen
-Kashim, Oric, Rhoop, Torgrim it was great to have you all, I hope we see you again in August.
-Gerard way to take a resurrection in stride, I'm glad I was able to keep you alive a little longer.
-I don't think I met my "body check" quota with Ragnarok
-The Knighting of Fiona, perhaps a bit understated, but very well deserved
-Way to up the "parlor" game Venture Capitalists, it was fantastic to transform part of the tavern (and don't think I didn't see the wall hanging, Amy)
-Playing "leg or shoulder?" with Agate, Bruisey, Ragnarok, Azeban, and our other two-handed fighters
-I honestly do think that Benjamin is the guy who likely has the solution to most problems, whether that's the stinger or exactly the right potion at exactly the right time.
-Making the sacrifice for Ida's Grove, seems like exactly the sort of thing that Baeleon values. It felt awkward/embarrassing, but I was glad to be able to do it.
-The encounter with the ant-creatures went exactly the opposite of what I had expected, that was cool.
-Our rogue-type folks getting to strut their stuff (well, in a super sneaky way). I'm distinctly not looking at you Auryn. ;) Plus arrow terminates!
-The game world is starting to take shape, and very interesting things are afoot. I can wait to see where it goes.
-The communication that I've already had between games from other players (you know who you are) is exciting, there's going to be a story to be told for sure.


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-Howl bears! Had me spooked the entire time and I was so satisfied when it ended peacefully.
-SoMN barbarian record!
-Teaching so many folks a variety of skills! I've wanted to be the teacher guy for a long time now. Thanks!
-Blood Sharks
-1.1 gold. I walked right into 2.2 gold
-the Dhuge (dude) abides
-I like shoulders
-Youre right the body check count was low
-"I will bend space and time-" Jamina cuts in "Well you can't because it's mine" hilarious!
-Meeting Kashim, Oric, Worlin, Torgtim, and Rhoop. I am so sorry I forgot your names half of the time. I hope to remember them better next time.

- The whole "Farmer Constantine" questline. I will find you. I hope to bring you back.

-The Ant mod. That was pretty cool. I didn't expect to be negotiating with the ants. Threw a curve ball and I liked it.

- The "froglodytes" and "Creeping Death" mod. That was rough and creepy. Spiders are really, really bad.

-Playing the "Sneak" game with Gary. I didn't realize how exhausting being sneaky is.

- The second half of the Island mod. Holding a point was really fun, and calling out a sahuagan to keep them from double-teaming an ally was exhilirating.

-Baeleon, that pendant kept me from going down more than a few times. I appreciate it.

-Learning new skills can be fun. Who knew?!

- The undead assalt on the tavern caught me off guard.

Overall, I had a great time. I am so much looking forward to the next event.

EDIT: I forgot to mention sparring with Warlin, Rhoop, and Torgrim. That was a lot of fun too.
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-Gerty's rollers.
-Baeleon's noob hoob. MVP arcane armor of the SoMN chapter.
-The new crew, especially when Kashim accidentally haunted Zihr's werewolf-obsessed spirit with howling songs. Hope y'all had as much fun as it seemed you were having, and look forward to seeing you all back.
-Zihr resurrecting to howling torment. That's what you get for stealing the blood action of a Lord of Sky and Earth. (Green feathers, man, there are a couple in there for a reason.) :p
-Gary rift tag.
-Big stick teaming was fun, nice to have more companions like Bruisey and Rags around this event. Especially learning the "leg or shoulder" game.
-Howlbear hooting. Glad we could resolve that one peacefully, considering the love tap one laid on Rags when he ran away too fast with the meat.
-Getting to participate in quality RP and combat last weekend, even if Azeban had to bail early. (We really need to find a cure for his lingering celestial sickness.) Thank you to everyone who's made me feel so welcome in Alliance and helped me settle into my character personality since I started back at last season's castle event. This LARP is truly my favorite hobby now, hands down.


OK, So it took me this long to recover from the event and I'm still tired!
Thanks to all of you that helped in the kitchen! I enjoyed each one of you! All my faves will not mean much to the rest of you but the Parlor was great! And thanks, Josh for noticing the tapestries!
-lots of singing in my kitchen! Love it!
-Loved getting to know all the new PC's- glad I have gold to pay or they probably wouldn't come!
- My warded kitchen staff was amazing! Thanks Aurious for jumping in and pulling pork! No easy feat! I think there should be some sort of special power that goes along with Expert Pulled Pork Puller! Seriously, Tavern would not run without all of your help!
-Special thanks to Jamina and Zihr who insisted on being my escort down the stairs Saturday night just in case my legs gave way!
-Longest 4 minutes in the history of man...
-Bryce- Clean up of the Kitchen is HARD- You did an amazing job with the dishwasher, mopping, etc! I was worried that I would not be ready to check out until 2 pm and then you stepped in! (are you sure you only have two hands? or did that bear help?)
-Thanks to all the PCs and NPCs who are willing to try new foods! Send suggestions to the feedback email- get points for it and maybe your favorite treat, too!


Oh, and one more:
Me: I beat you up!!!!! Yeah me! Mark it on a calendar!
Zihr: What do you mean? I've been up most of the night! How do you thing the Tavern proper was cleaned up? (He had stacked all the chairs, put away the tables, gathered up the dirty linens, etc) Tavern Fairies! (Except it was a HUSKY!)