May event pre-registration: CLOSED

1. Heidi Hooper (Zat)
2. Shane Proctor
3. Craig Fiske (Qiu Jun-Wu) + $10 food donation
4. Chad Winters
5. Michelle Stagnitta ($40 credit)
6. Gregory de los Santos
7. Jeremy Rogers (Vincent Tarethial)
8. John Wrobel (Theodin Hammerfist) + event membership
9. Steve Deutzmann (Riddick Dale)
10. James Pocklington
11. Erika Noach
12. Mike Guarino (Ketemycos Sunwald)
13. Susie Guarino (Kialda Loa)
14. Samara Martin (Irina) + $10 food donation
15. Ashley Thomas (Branwen)
16. Noelle Lequatre (Violet)
17. Gabe Obermeyer (Bolli)
18. Robert Stoel
19. Kyle Spriggle (Grim)
20. Christine Maudlin (Gwendara)
21. Alex G
22. Lauren Keener (Faelwen) + $5 food donation
23. John Perkins (Altohtaro Armand) + $5 food donation
24. Amy Resele (Larien)
25. Henry Hart
26. Danielle Wilson
27. Luke Goldsmith
+ year membership (owes $10 for late registration)
28. Josh Berit + year membership (late fee paid)


1. Chris Marcikonis
2. Angel Belford
3. David Demartino
4. Tom Wilson
5. Hilary Nunes
6. Dan Gelerman
7. Damon Brundige
8. Frisco Cruise
9. Collin Babcock
10. Britney Sirois
11. Geoffrey Bayley
12. Drew Resele

Phoenix: Imladar and friends
Gryphon: Ash Forest
Pegasus: Blythedale
Gargoyle: Corrheim

Fire: Chad Winters
Water: Craig Fiske
Earth: Gregory de los Santos
Air: William Gibbs

Note on housing: Cabins are free as long as you have at least four people pre-registered to reserve one. Private rooms are $40. There is also a common room with six beds (not listed here) which is first-come, first-served and you don't have to pay extra for.
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Bill to PC Amaranthus. I'll take my room please.

Head of Food Committee
Lauren Keener just paid to reserve Earth for Heidi Hooper. Thanks!


Mike, I wanted to pre-reg for June and July, not May. The Room request is for Fire for June. I cannot make May sorry and thanks.

Joe Siegel


I would like to reserve a room if available since Joe will not be attending the May event.
Jeremy Rogers here. Just preregistration for PC. I'll be there as Vincent Tarethial again.


Hi, just paid to play Ket. Susie will be using event credit to play Alda. We'll both be staying in Gargoyle Cabin! :)
Sean Metzler to PC Prolon.