May Event Update *Important*

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Denver Staff
Good evening Alliance Denver Larpers,

We are sending this letter to let you know about a change in the schedule for the upcoming event May 19-21, 2023.
JCC Ranch Camp has Summer Camp staff moving in on site the 21st. Which means our usual event is going to look a little different.
  • We have to be out of the cabins (#9 - #14) by 10am on Sunday. Which means we will have to end the game on Saturday Night.

What does this mean for the event?
  • Please pack a bit less than normal to make your transition easier.
  • Staff will not let you know when the event ends, we PROMISE you will know when it does.
  • Cars are not allowed to drive through the site. However you may get your car on Sunday at 8am to start packing your things.
  • We are only required to be OUT of the cabins by 10am, all other clean up (Picking up packets, etc) can be done after that.
  • Site coordinators (Tyler and Bubbles) will still be checking out your cabins, do NOT leave without checking with them please.

We will also be keeping all parts of the event to the north of the camp. This includes mods, random encounters, coconut quests to the northern part of the camp. In short, do NOT go south of the Celestial Guild. Stay out of the arena, etc. Horses are being dropped off and other items for camp set up.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop Will or myself a DM.
See everyone in a week-ish.
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