May & June 2020 A'A Tavern Night Favorite Moments

Hey there wonderful PCs and NPCs! Thank you so much for coming out to the two Tavern Nights we've hosted so far!
Your 5-headed Plot Hydra got to talking and decided it would be fun to do a Favorite Moments thread for them!
We all had little highlights to the evening we'd love to share with you guys, and wanted to see if any of you wanted to share anything with us!
Also, this way we can give others an idea what we've been getting up to every month on Saturday. :D


-Sweating bullets during that conversation about optics
-Getting to interact with Luzula, who I hadn't really spoken to at previous games.


I had to jet early but the flirting between Squire Theah and Tadeusz for adorable.
I had to jet early but the flirting between Squire Theah and Tadeusz for adorable.
The flirting between Aqua and Durnic happening on the other side of the table from Theah and Tadeusz. How did y'all watching that stand it?

Aside from that, Thresh, all night, playing wingwoman, and also her getting up and flouncing around the table, mimicking a Squire who Thresh and Theah used to work with. Squire Bambi lives on in infamy!

-Noisy dragons, shoosh! People are trying drink around here without yous making thunderclaps when y'all wander in for a chat! (That's, of course, my inside voice. Outside voice very different...)
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- Durnic getting a glass of wine from Tadeusz for Aqua... Then proceeding to drink it instead, for 'liquid courage', before demonstrating how he distracted Illahee to a table full of people... That included Aqua. :cool:

- Oriella, Luzula and Khyriel. That was a cool conversation that turned into an interesting extended side story.

- Ser Panda being an awesome role model. ^_^

- Darellin contacting Huge on the plane of fire ... IN THE MIDDLE OF THE TAVERN. o_O

- Noisy Dragon Entrances... ^_^

- Elves and Sylvanborne Flirting...

- Other people Not flirting... I swear... ;D

- Asshat Flamecaste and Jovial Sailors ^_^
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Blue Moon

  • Lael having a personal talk with Miik and Miik helping Lael to start healing old wounds.
  • On the first tavern night wandering around but always stopped at the table by the fire to sit by the fireplace.
  • Lael getting tangled up in her ball of rope.
  • Asking Bavaikas to be apart of her family.
  • not noting that we had new NPCs and just thinking that i was dumb for not remembering people.