[.11] Meditate back Channeling


The packet as written says spells or per-day weapon skills only.

Was channeling specifically excluded from being able to meditate back, or is that just unfortunate wording.

Seems odd that channeling would be excluded as a build bought thing that can miss.



I think it's likely channeling isn't listed because it is new to the most recent packet and may have been missed.


Yeah, that's my hope. Looking for confirmation.
My guess is that it isn't an oversight, unfortunately.

Channeling is the replacement for wands and wand charges, which up until this packet were in testing as 3XP in Scholarly Skills per charge and every 50 XP increasing the damage by 1, and could not be Meditated back; if the intent is that Channeling is supposed to be the equivalent, then whiffed Channling packets are similarly not eligible to be Meditated (despite being a purchased skill).

Another reason I suspect this is the case is that Channeling is different from Spells and Skills in a subtle but important way: you choose whether to use the points in your pool in batches of 5 or 10 each time you use it, rather than having a set effect (a Bind Spell or Paralysis Blow) or static damage number (a 15 Flame Bolt or 70 damage on a Slay); while it's trivial to keep track of such small increments for Meditation purposes, I suspect that they'll strangely be indicated on Battleboards as an individual circle per point of the pool (similar to current wand charges), and as such would also strangely require a Meditation session for each point to be regained (which would be so ridiculous if that's the case).

If you can Meditate them back, though, and they're listed on Battleboards as one-circle-indicates-5-points, then Meditate would theoretically still only allow for one circle at a time, even if you have 400 points in your pool and only throw 10s, so I'm not sure it's worth the time investment (except maybe with 2 or 3 ranks of Enhanced Meditate) to bother getting back even one missed throw.


Alliance Rules
Seattle Staff
Channeling is unable to be Meditated back. Channeling in general is something we are looking forward to receiving feedback from Playtest sessions on.