Meditation & Counterspell


Can you meditate back a spell expended for the use of Counterspell? The ritual says you may "expend a spell in memory" but I guess I don't know the technical definition of "expend" or whether the spell is considered to have resolved or not.

To the best of my understanding, skills expended for defense can't be Meditated back without Magic Items that specifically say you can, such as Recharge Prowess; most of the time, this will be skills like Parry or Evade, but in this particular case it happens to apply to a spell.

The main reason for this is that under normal circumstances you can only Meditate back a skill that missed, and the nature of defensive skills means they can never miss. Counterspell converts a spell into a defensive skill, and the rule of not being able to Meditate back a defensive skill now applies to the spell.


Seattle Staff
I’m in agreement. If you could Meditate the spell back, it would effectively be a 1.3 Cloak for spell casters with a cool down time. I think it would be heavily against the intent of our new magic item system.