Meeting with his Grace

Discussion in 'In Game' started by Darkcrescent, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Mr Crane,

    How does one request an audience with Duke Albatross? Both myself and Fiona to my knowledge have not been given an introduction and I would like to pay respects to the Duke of Ravensong himself.

    Would he be available this market for a meeting?

    Lord Asher Oakheart of the Province of Horizon
  2. His Grace will send you a letter when he is ready for you. Though I will push to get you an audience the best I can.

  3. Darkcrescent

    Darkcrescent Knight Chicago Staff Marshal

    Thank you Mr Crane, As a Lord within this Duchy, I just wanted to introduce myself as customary. As it has been a year within these lands almost, I didn’t want to pay him any disrespect.

    With regards,
    Lord Asher Oakheart

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