Meirune Merchant House


Elisandra appears to you in the dream realm. She is standing in front of a quaint shop in merchants row. There is some bustle behind her made indistinct as the mists of the dream fog all except her. She speaks to all who would listen.

"Fellow adventurers of Havenport-Shelterdoor,

I hope I find you in good spirits, and at least for myself am excite for the prospect of meeting up again this coming weekend. I have three announcements that I wish to share with you.

First, I am pleased to announce that the Meirune Merchant house will be officially opening its doors this coming weekend. While our wares are currently limited, it is our utmost desire to provide means for adventurers to acquire the goods they need to continue to protect the town. It is my wish that this can be a place where items sold to us can be used by others so that we can get coin to those who find things, and items of all varieties need into the hands of those who will use them. If you need anything and I am not in the shop, please ask me at any time and I will do my best to arrange a time for you to peruse its wares, or pawn your own.

Second, there were several instances last gather of post tavern defense battles where I was asked to run a loot split. There seemed to be many people who enjoyed it, and several of whom have expressed some frustration at what they perceive to be a current animosity around what gets looted. I am currently working on a draft for a proposal for this that I will be bringing with me to the gather. I would like to get as many people as possible to read it, as well as to try to use it for at least one tavern defense loot split. My goal is to make this as equitable and fair as possible, and to make sure that we have a means of quelling any animosity before it leads to any undesired violence amongst those who should be allies.

Finally, House Lonalys and House Meirune are interested in joining forces to help the newer adventurers of Havenport-Shelterdoor. If we are to truly weather the storms and fires to come, then we must all be prepared. To that end, at some point we would like to gather all of those who are still getting their feet under them to join us on an adventure in the protection of the city. We would like to offer them the chance to get their hands dirty, and our enemies bloody in an environment where should things go awry we have several experienced folks there to get them home safely. If you know anyone who is still learning the way of things, or if you are such an individual, please reach out to myself or Lia, and we shall work to make sure you are supported, equipped and trained.

In service,
Elisandra Schala Meirune"

She starts to vanish back into the mists, but stops for a brief moment.

"As a personal note: House Meirune will be running the tavern for this Saturday's breakfast and dinner. During such times I will be running the Hallows Accords of Hospitality, as a clarification, no undead are to ever be offered protections under such accords."

She gives a shallow curtsy, before fading into the dreams...
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