Member introductions!


Gettysburg Staff
Hello all! If you are a member of the guild currently or recently added to our esteem ranks, please! Introduce yourself and let the community at large what your skills and interests are. The stronger the bond between each of us the stronger our guild will be!


Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Artos Stormpoint. I originally hail from the land of Lombard and I've recently joined the Adventure's Guild here. I'm a melee combat specialist personally and I'm aiming to get the guild more actively involved in the area through providing the necessary muscle the other guilds may need on various activities. Please contact me if you have any need for the Adventure's Guild.
Esteemed Colleges, My name is Slash Oddat. I come from Kosmara but have lived in Barran for a year of my life. I am the Commander of the Golden Boar and fight with both sword and shield. I am passionate about the Adventure's guild and hope to contribute my service to anything the guild may need. If you need assistance do not hesitate to call upon me.