Member introductions!


Gettysburg Staff
Hello all! If you are a member of the guild currently or recently added to our esteem ranks, please! Introduce yourself and let the community at large what your skills and interests are. The stronger the bond between each of us the stronger our guild will be!


I am Keldar, Besche of the Wyldes of Kosmara, child of clan Brumaline, sworn Founder of the Mord, and Oathbound to the Forests of Barran. I am a hunter and a warrior with knowledge of many plants, animals, and natural phenomenon. I am a master of every martial weapon and a teacher of the combat arts as I was expected to become the Master of Arms for my tribe at one point. I am most at home in the wilderness and can cross large stretches of ground quickly due to my skill in forest movement.


I am Ama'rali, an elf of the wildes of many lands. I hail from the Icenian kergani Snake Tribe, and currently claim a home amongst the Barran Red Back. I am the current highest-ranking member of the Order of the Wilde, and do not take this responsibility lightly. I have learned the art of survival through training and necessity, and am happy to pass this knowledge on to others who are willing to learn.

Theo Zhounil

I am Azelthos Valtreaue, son of Izuma Valtreaue, Former Ssekard of house Velusion of the Iron star. The Dark elven nation of Moria. Such a place no longer exists to me. I was once Lord of the Lands of Obsidian. Lands granted to me by Baron Malachi of Odenis. I served as his right hand since the Formation of his mercenary group No Code. I am the last of my people. I have joined the rather well know Mercenary group Black Forrest, who I am sure you are quite aware of. I reside in Barran now where I please, training others as needed. My skills are not done justice with words. Words are not something I hunt with. Silence is my weapon as well as the night. I am rarely noticed. My speed is unmatched. No living creature has ever run from me that I could not chase down. You may call me Theromosis. At your service.