Membership Time!!! (2011!)


Howdy, it's getting towards the end of the year, and that means the BSA has started asking about us renewing our Charter. We have to pay a fee for every member that we have, and they've asked that we pay on time this year (the horror!) rather then putting it off until after the year has already begun.

All players, Staff, Plot, PCs, and NPCs, housing a character in Seattle, must have a membership. Membership costs $15, and may be paid at gamedays, events, or by Paypal to If you'd like to pay by check, PM the General Manager (Matt O. / obcidian )and he'll send you an address.

Here's why we have a Membership fee: We are required by contract with Mike V. to make sure our players are insured while at games in case anyone gets injured, and we do that through the BSA. To be insured costs us money. So once a year this comes up, and usually a bunch of people slack on it until we quit asking, but between having a few small events this year, and transportation/site fees going up, we really can't afford to cover the people who don't pay for themselves. So like most chapters, we have to deal with Membership and Membership Fees. If we don't get everyone to pay for themselves, we'll have to increase game fees for a few events and make everyone pay for it, so please get yours in.

To encourage players to pay their membership as soon as possible, those people with memberships paid by the first of the year will receive 15 Goblin Stamps. Starting January 1st, 2011, no player may spend Goblin Stamps to purchase missed games or monthly blankets until their membership fee is paid.

Below is a list of people who are up to date with their membership fee:
Dave Overman
Nick Bond
Matt O.
Jim Sullivan
Dan van den Brooke
Shane Macomber
Bryan Gregory
Cymryc Moon
Leigh-ann Magill
Jorbie Jackson
Emily Sweet
Barbara Martin
Eric Echelbarger
Seth Bird
James Giesman
Ron Leota
Andy Giesman
Jimmy Hastings
Joe Hundley
Carmen Swift
Jeremy Huff
Anthony Mungo
Michael Parrott
Robert Sachs
Brad Lewis
David Vignola
Sean Metzler
Catherine Winslow
John Robinson
Sam Gladish
Nathan Bainbridge
Kirsten Olin
Holly P.
David Koenigsaecker
David Trovato (& 2012)
Just a reminder to get your membership in before the first to get those easy gobbies!
Also, that you've got to put in the membership dues at some point anyways!


The list is up to date as of 2/5/2011. The following people have been removed from the Monthly Blanket List due to an expired membership:

Bainbridge, Nathan - D
Bradley, Kelly - Tay
Brewer, Nick - Corose
Day, Stephen - Xylex
Elspeth, Gideon - Alexsz
Fleming, Jordan - Ezreal
Hendrickson, Mark - Bahzell
Kayser, Erick - Cyab
Koenigsaesker, David - New Character
Lewis, Brad - Eli
McNamee, Rebecca - Kitty
Moselle, Cassandra - Pearl
Olin, Kirsten - Leanore
Regan, Alycia - Pino
Reynalds, Lyra - Ynnaelle
Tatro, Joyce - Rhessa
Tatro, Philip - Kauss
Wilson, Amber - Yasmay
Winn, Mevima - Tanwen

When dues are paid please contact Logistics to put your character back on the Monthly Blanket List.