Menu for castle


Hello, welcome to tavern,
The menu for this weekend is as follows:
Friday evening snack-no charge
Mac and cheese
Hummus, crackers and cheese (gf crackers too)
Sweet breads (carrot, banana, pumpkin and maybe another)
Saturday breakfast 3 silver
served from 8- 10:30am
Scrambled eggs
Steel cut oats ( limited to two crock pots so the early bird gets the worm)
A few hard boiled eggs as well
Lunch-3 silver
Assortment of tortilla rollup- mix and match they are cut in quarters.
Chicken salad
Egg salad
If you have gf or dairy (cheese or cream cheese, please pm me and we can work out the best thing for you
Veggie tray with dill dip
Fruit salad
Lentil vegetable soup
Supper-4 silver
Sausage lasagna
Beef lasagna
Vegetarian lasagna
Gf noodles and which ever sauce you want for my gf dietary needs people
Romaine salad
Garlic bread
Saturday night dessert- TBD
As always, nobody should go hungry. Seconds will be called after all have had firsts.

You will notice that we changed prices slightly. For all three meals it adds up to a gold. If this is your very first alliance Larp, your meals are complimentary. If you find yourself short of change, I pay my tavern help a gold for putting in some time (convienent, eh? Plus I like the company:) )

I know that there are a few with special dietary needs, please feel free to pm me and we can make arrangements.