Merchants Guild Publications


Alliance Logistics
There is a bulletin board posting in Deepjug's Tavern titled "Crafting Plans and You". Do you read it?

The posting mentions a "Crafting Catalogue". Looking around, you spy it nearby. Do you read it?

Finally, a notice is posted:

The Merchants Guild has begun discovering tomes of lost crafting knowledge, beyond the crafting plans that we continue to unearth. These include advanced resource harvesting and recycling techniques, journeyman specializations and master crafting paths, as well as a few techniques applicable to direct combat use. Since the knowledge in these tomes is only of use to those skilled in the sorts of crafts that the Guild specializes in, the Guild has decided to restrict use of these tomes to Guildsmen in good standing at this time. Members of the Merchant Guard of equivalent rank (Corporal) may also read these tomes if applicable to them.

The currently available tomes are for Alchemy and Blacksmithing.

-- Senior Guildsman Markov​

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