Metagaming, , , , for good?


Hello all
I'm Theresa. I'm a new player who played Rhoop last event. I'm moving in the fall so this next weekend is basicly a one shot for me.
I'm new to rp but it seems as though real emotions and fake emotions fade into each other.
Do you guys have any techniques for emotional safety in game?
Rp also gives us the opportunity to play with emotions. That's really valuable but tough to do if you build in-game relationships like you build out of game ones: naturally. It can lead to confusion abut relationships out of game and dull ones in game. Here's my suggestion of a solution: communication. If we establish that you and another player want to build a nemesis relationship while out of game, it's more likely to happen and real feelings are less likely to get hurt.
What do you think of this idea?
Does it pull Larp into acting?
Do you detest "freebee" relationships?

This next larp is a bit of a one shot for me, so I don't have time to figure relationships out in charicter. If you want a feral homeless Rhoop to act as you verbal defender, your antagonist, or your unruly child, please email me at We can figure out a cool relationship to build.
I hope to gleam some cool ideas from this post, as well as some costumed relationships.


First of all, metagaming in a LARP context usually refers to people using out of game knowledge in game for your own gain or another's detriment. Like if you know someone has something out of game but your character doesn't and you still use that knowledge against them anyway. Correct me if I'm wrong but thats kind of different from what you're talking about here. This is more of a character building thing from my perspective, and there are people who bounce ideas and stuff off eachother to ensure a better play experience.

Metagaming is never good, but character collaboration can be fantastic.

Generally I talk with guildmates and the people I play with out of game about goals and the like out of game to ensure I don't step on too many toes. The Sentinels have been on the road to breakup for a while now and we do talk out of game about personal and character goals and stuff so we don't step on toes in game and out. Sid and o realized our characters were coming to a fork in the road and we negotiated a split and figured out a vague idea of how we'll play it in game with room for somewhat realistic rp interpretation that wouldn't ruin the game for us. Sid and I are still great friends and we've joked around about this a lot, saying that it's like we're splitting up our vintage beanie baby collection. XD

That being said, I don't really look at that as meta so much as being a good friend, not shitting where you eat, and not being a jerk. It's kind of what the purpose of talking with people is out of game is- it can help set up a good dynamic that makes the town funner to play in. I try to let people know where I am emotionally, and it helps me have a good game. I know personally I am not a take charge leader or a big head on fighter. I have issues with anxiety and my hearing and sometimes that makes game hard for me, but I still have a good time because I rapport and talk with other characters during quiet times, which is honestly a lot of my goals.

My best advice is to think about what type of stuff you want to do and talk with others about it and do what comes naturally. Natural character interaction will come, and the best thing you can do is communicate and have fun.



The nature of live-action play means that there is always a good chance of emotional bleed. As a player, you need to develop your own methods for checking how much of what's going on is your own emotional state, and how much is the character you're playing.

That said, there is a lot of need for positive metagaming in play. As players, we are constantly presented with moments where we have to decide between what would be the most likely choice for our character, and what we should do to make the game fun for ourselves and those around us. While Nikolai on a bad day might spend an hour setting explosive traps all over a cabin to wipe out certain adventurers he disagrees with, or take a look at the situation going on in-game at the moment and decide he owes these people nothing and prudence is the better part of valor and take off for greener pastures, I as a player recognize that neither of these things makes the game more fun for anyone else.

So yeah, set things up OOG if that's what works for you. We actively play maybe a week a year of these characters' lives at game, and I don't personally feel there's anything wrong with discussing what happens the rest of the time if it makes for more interesting time at game.