Minnesota Recruitment Policy - 2023 Season


Minnesota Staff
Minnesota is excited to announce our new recruitment policy for the 2023 season! As we continue to grow our chapter, we want to meaningfully recognize and reward our players for supporting this goal.

As such, we are excited to offer the following incentives for recruiting new players to our game!

"Come with me!!!"
(An Existing Alliance Player recruiting a new player)

If you bring a new, first-time Alliance player to our game, not only will they get a 50% discount on their event fee, but we will give you the recruiter a $15 discount on your own event fee for the event which you attend with them. If you are unable to attend with your recruit, we will honor the discount on the next event you attend. This discount may compound up to five times!

Bring five new, first-time Alliance players to a game, you will gain a $75 discount, and your game will be FREE (with preregistration).

if you have a season pass, we will instead award you with 150 goblin stamps for each new, first time Alliance player that you bring to the game. That's an unprecedented 10:1 ratio!

Better with a Buddy
(new players recruiting new players)

If you are a new, first-time Alliance player and bring a friend or group of first-time Alliance players with you, we will grant each member of the new group 150 goblin stamps, in addition to the 50% event fee discount. We will help you spend these goblin stamps prior to the event, which will allow you to start your first game with advantages such as more experience points (46 starting xp vs the base 25 xp), items, and/or coin!