Minnesota Recruitment, Social Media Marshal, & Poster Design

Ryan S

Minnesota Staff
Hello Everyone!

As we move out of the era of lockdowns and no-gaming, and into the new year, we've come to realize that the chapter doesn't have a very visible face. This is something that we'd like to remedy in the coming months to try to expand our player base. We're looking for volunteers with knowledge in a bunch of different avenues for recruitments. If you think you've got what it takes to fill one of the roles listed below, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us at gm.alliancemn@gmail.com!

Social Media Marshal
We're looking for someone who is knowledgeable in different social media applications and willing to lend their abilities to expanding the chapter's online presence. Ideally we are looking for someone who would be capable of maintaining a website for us, in addition to posting regular updates to social media accounts. Compensation for this role is negotiable.

Convention Volunteers
In the upcoming year, if you are aware of any conventions or events that would be LARP/Fantasy-friendly that either you are already volunteering at, or have attended in the past, that you think Minnesota should have a presence at, please bring this to our attention. Extra compensation will be offered for those willing to volunteer to represent us at such events, and larger compensation for those willing to spearhead such an effort.

Poster Design
Minnesota needs a pamphlet that can be handed out at these events, or posted up in your local game shop, to let people know who we are and how to get in contact with us. If you are artistically inclined, and want to offer those skills to help our chapter grow, please submit your concept to gm.alliancemn@gmail.com. We will be offering 50 Goblin Stamps to anyone who submits a serious concept, and 50 DRAGON STAMPS to the poster we select to represent us. Submissions will be due by 01/01/2022 with the selected poster unveiled by 01/16/2022.

If you have other ideas of how to assist the chapter please let us know in the responses below. We're always open to new ideas, and we want to see this chapter grow and flourish.

Here's to another great year for Alliance Minnesota!

-MN Ownership