Mint Purchase Policy

Surion Maedhros

Mints are an in-game item, an alchemically treated vellum banknote. These items can be transferred at will, destroyed, and stolen. They break when exposed to flame and acid traps.

NPCs may exchange Mint in game to PCs for coin, items, or favors. In exchange for Mint, NPCs may give PCs items, favors, or boons which for the most part will be LCO in nature. A character with “Merchant” cannot trade Mints for coin or production, but they can get a sense of how valuable the Mint is to the locals.

Mint can be purchased from Logistics for Goblin Stamps. The amount of Mint that can be purchased is unlimited, but the price increases as more Mint is bought during a single event. Up to 20 Mint can be purchased for 5 GS each, with the next 20 Mint costing twice as much, and then next 20 Mint costing three times as much, and so on.

Mint ---------- Total Cost in GS
20 ------------- 100
40 ------------- 300 (100 + 200)
60 ------------- 600 (100 + 200 + 300)
80 ------------- 1000 (100 + 200 + 300 + 400)
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