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    Hey folks!

    I am sure many of you are wondering about mod day logistical things at the new site so here it goes!

    Parking: There is ample parking in my new "parking lot". As soon as you turn into my drive, turn left and face the main road. I will park my big white van to begin the line of vehicles across the front of the property.

    Arrivals: As mods will be going on all over the site, please don't drive further past the parking lot and disrupt players. If you have heavy gear, I have three hand trucks to assist you carrying stuff to the main area. They will be left nearby. Please return them to that location after you use them.

    Sleepovers: Plot, staff, and senior NPCs will be able to sleep in my spare room and in my loft. Please bring your bedding to that location upon arrival and leave it there.
    ***All other NPCs staying overnight will sleep in the heated, carpeted basement. As that is mainly NPC camp, I ask you to leave your bedding in your vehicle until the last mod finishes and then bring it back to your vehicle before the first mod Sunday.

    Tents: YES! If they are in period, even better! I will be setting up my red and black tent as well as a "cabin" looking tent. Miguel will most likely bring his too! Maybe some mods might take you inside these? If you have a period tent and don't mind camping under the stars in March, I welcome all you crazies. If you have a non-in-period tent, I will let you know where to set it up when you arrive.

    FOOD: For all FULL TIME NPCS for the weekend, I offer you sandwiches for lunch on Saturday and Sunday, as well as a pasta dinner for Saturday night. Meat sauce or meatless if that is your wish. I also offer all the coffee and hot chocolate you can get down your gullet. Iced tea, lemonade, water too!

    Bathroom: We have a bathroom with large sink in NPC camp. If we are prepping YOUR mod, we might politely ask you to use the Port-O-John outside.

    Bring sunscreen and chapstick. Stay hydrated. We are at 8,219 feet. The days have been sunny and beautiful in the mid-high 50s lately, (I was building a wall in a t-shirt the other day!) but when the sun sets around 6:30ish, it can drop quickly.

    DID I MISS ANYTHING?! Please don't hesitate to ask !


    Upwards and Onward!

  2. Nissa Osheim

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    I am PCing and NPCing both days. Can I sleep in the basement?
  3. Dia

    Dia Newbie

    Jesse, is it okay for NPCs who want to be there for the saturday morning mod to spend the night on Friday, so we don't have to drive all the way from the denver/boulder area before 9am?

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