Monthly Blankets

Ok guys,

It's that time again for monthly blankets. Please PM me if you want to use a monthly blanket, and please indicate which character you would like blanketed.


Gettysburg Staff

Not to jump in on your deal, but I have a suggestion for you.

When I was running Log for NJ and currently as I'm running Log for Ohio, I set up an AutoBlanket list.

Basically I had people tell me if they wanted to get a monthly blanket each month and then typed "AutoBlanket" (or something similar) with the character name into the Player notes in the main screen on the database. I could then do a search in that field for that text and just go open up characters and blanket them.

I know it saved me a bunch of "Did I get monthlies for X?" and "Can you please monthly blanket me?" e-mails and, most importantly, time.