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    As part of our fun and games myself and Crescent are proud to present our 'Build Chomper a better cage because "some people" are big babies about sleeping near perfectly pleasant pets' ... Raffle. All proceeds will go to funding better improvements to the farm so visitors can get a good nights sleep.

    To that end we'll be bringing tickets and offering up the following Raffle in two stages. All tickets from stage one will continue to stay in the 'raffle hat' through stage two!

    Stage One drawing will happen before the Silver auction occurs and tickets cost 1 silver coin (specifically) a piece all tickets in the stage one drawing will stay for the stage two drawing as well. (Best value but we understand if you want to hang onto your silver. until after the silver auction)

    The Stage one Prizes will be the following

    1.) Two Non-traveling components (slightly aged but will last at least 2 years each.)
    2.) Package of Alchemy one - contains 3 poison shields and three antidotes!

    After that we'll continue to sell tickets for stage Two, the price for these tickets will still be 1 silver, but we'll be happy to make change/take gold at this point. After there are no more takers, and after the other auctions are completed (we'll sell tickets up to the last minute) we'll do the second set of drawings for the below prizes!

    1.) A traveling component (Fairly fresh)
    2.) Package of Alchemy two - contains 3 poison shields and three antidotes!
    3.) A once per day purify item that will last nearly through the end of this year
    4.) A once per day cloak Necromancy that will last nearly through the end of next year.

    There is no limit to the number of tickets you may buy and we'll be finding a volunteer to pull from the basket to determine the winners.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

  2. Personally, my coin will be going to the 3 auctions benefitting the needs of those ravaged by the war, but I wish you good luck with your endeavor.

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