Motivation to NPC

norman b

Hi Everyone!

We staff members are wanting to get your input on what motivates you to NPC for us. Be it Role Play, fighting your friends, Goblin Stamps, spending time with your lovely plot team. Whatever!

We also want to know what we could offer to motivate you to NPC for us.

Please let us know on here, the FB page, or via email

Krystina F

For me it's the RP and spending time with plot. I'm not huuuuuge into the fighting, so I prefer fighting in the smaller mods, but I love the RP that comes with interacting with the different players.
Also Plot is hilarious and a great group of people. Plus it helped me learn a bit more about the functionality of the game that I might not have picked up on a readily just PCing.
Sometimes I wish it was easier to stop PCing and NPC for a little while. I want to do both, but my cloning device in the garage is full of spiders so I'm going to have to burn it and I'll never know if it would have worked.

The goblins stamps are a nice perk too!


I started because it was cheap. I stayed because it was fun. The RP made me feel like I was an important part of the world, the story. Fighting was a blast, hitting people with sticks is fun.

I endured, and sought higher positions, because it is rewarding. Making lair cards, giving plot suggestions, being on guild, going for plot, working for plot, being a head of plot, all these things are about providing the awesome good time to a bunch of people, of watching something you crafted touch people, however briefly.

Then again, people still talk 4 years later about my pretty pretty princess fairy... So...maybe not so fleeting after all.

norman b

Thank you, you two. Keep it coming people!


Then again, people still talk 4 years later about my pretty pretty princess fairy... So...maybe not so fleeting after all.
Was that really four years ago? O_O

"Heeeelp meh! Heeelp meh!"
I enjoy the creativity of being NPC/Plot. Storyline creations tend to morph into something that was not originally intended because of how/what the PC team does.
I enjoy the feeling of running a solid weekend.


I really put a lot into my characters in every game I play so getting me to pull away from them to NPC tends to require an equal or greater draw. Being able to go to NPC camp and say: "Hey, I have this cool idea that I'd like to run" is a great motivator. I don't get a ton of enjoyment out of playing random grunts or footsoldiers or henchmen, but give me a bandit trying to feed his starving family. Or an Ogre shaman trying to unlock the secrets of muscle magic. Or a necromancer who became a lich to impress his boyfriend but now regrets the decision after the relationship fell apart and I am super down for NPCing for a few hours.

I also enjoy being able to add things to the narrative that aren't usually present or are under represented. I used to play in a similar game out of Florida and I had a lot of fun playing things like supernatural hunting spiders in the wee hours of the morning. Getting to add to the terror of the late, late nights on site made NPCing enjoyable for me, and also I feel, gave the players reasons to fear the dark. To work together. To keep an eye out. NPC roles that keep players on their toes always intrigue me.

Basically I would be more inclined personally to NPC if I knew I had the ability to walk up to NPC camp and pitch ideas, or if they had interesting ideas ready for willing fence-jumpers.


Basically everything Ben said, except being Head of Plot


Honestly, because a LARP like this requires volunteerism in order to thrive, heck, to survive.

I NPC because I believe in "doing the time" so that the game remains enjoyable for all players. That means that sometimes I don't experience the game the way I'd prefer to, though I still seek to make it fun for myself, and for others.

There's a lot of folks who don't want to NPC because they don't think it would be fun for them. At times, NPCing isn't fun. Sometimes it feels like work. But someone's got to do the work, or ain't nobody having a fun time with it.

I signed up because it was a way for me to help manage costs, but also because I knew the game needs veteran players to NPC. It can't just rely on new people who want to "try it out," and then go PC a couple events later.

NPCs/Plot make the game awesome to play. But it's a role that burns people out.