Mr. Crane...


Mr. Crane,

I was just wanting to know if you would be able to put me in touch with the heads of The Academy, The Magi, and the ones that have the child fighters( I do not mean this as a disrespect it is the only thing i can recall of them at this moment). I learned a bit of the history of your lands and the War that started these lands down the path to feeling like needing to use necromancy was their only hopes of survival. I respect the sacrifice the young lord Albatross made in sacrificing himself for the peoples of his land. I would just like to check with those from the groups accused of oppressing you in such away that you felt the need to defend your boarders with undead. Could a peace and understanding not be reached now that would allow you to no longer need this army of abominations. I understand this has become acceptable but all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to sit around and do nothing. I hope you understand I am not trying to trivialize the ways and customs of your people. You were a people much like us at one point thinking that this undead army was not a good Idea. I know that was years and years ago at this point but once again i hope you understand. I come from a time were Chaos was such an evil. It would not have taken us 4 days to decide it would have been a quick and concise no this is not an option. Once again I know i tread a very fine line here. I mean no disrespect by this inquiry. I am just trying to find another way for everyone to coexist that does not call on the vileness of chaos.

-Squire Bruisey Foemangler