Music of your lands.


Queens and Kings, Duchesses and Dukes, Ladies and Lords, Goodwomen and Goodmen, Lasses and Lads. I hope this dream finds you all well.

I dream here to ask of any or all of you a favor. If you have a moment of free time and would not mind using it to help me. I am in search of music from your lands.

Our lands were recently overwhelmed by a onslaught of growth under the power of a corrupted and powerful Dryad. This growth as well as a abrupt raise in the sea level has caused some areas until unreachable. I am proud to say that the threat has been taken care of but the reclamation is slow going.

As I looked through the library that is maintained by our Healers guild, maybe one of the few remaining collections, I was sad to see that there were no books with song lyrics from our land or any other.

This is the favor I ask. If anyone has the time, I would like to hear of the songs from your lands, so I might transcribe them into a book. I would like give credit to the writer and the submitter so that any that care to look see the name of the person who created the work of art as well as the person who helped spread it around for all to enjoy.

I would be very thankful if you could dream them back to me here or in a private dream so I might be able to complete this book over the winter for others enjoyment at our first gather in Ashbury once the ice has thawed.

Thank you for your time and efforts,
Ian Robertson,
The Kilted Elf of Ashbury


Ian Robertson,

Though I admit no great dedication of effort to the task, I collect dirges, requiems and songs of resurrection. Songwriting is, however, not a skill I have developed. Do you wish to archive collections of collections, or are you seeking input from the creators themselves alone?

Also, if your collection is intended to be public, I may have some interest in the completed project, if I can find other concerns that draw me so far across the mists.

Squire Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth, Psychopompos
Squire to Baron Sir Marcus Husarri Saephis of House Phoenix


Squire Vellis

Thank you for your response. I likewise lack in skill as a song smith. I plan on crediting contributes as well as creators if available.

My plan is to create a semi-reference book for our collection with a section from each land in Fortannis that I receive submissions from.

I would be thankful for whatever you may be able contribute toward my goal and I would gladly share anything I collect that you do not already possess.

Ian Robertson
The Kilted Elf of Ashbury