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  1. Lemmonaid

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    Hello!! I'm looking to attend an event in the coming year, and super want to play a Wood Elf! I even have a small little backstory planned out. However, I'm still caught up on class. I'm not sure if I want to play an Adept or a Scholar. I'm leaning towards Scholar (Celestial Caster) but I've had problems in past games where I ran out of spell slots 1/3 into a battle and just had to run away to avoid being offed, and I want to play a class that works well with MWE. Any ideas? Advice?
  2. Sage of Legaia

    Sage of Legaia Scholar

    The way the class system and skill costs are set up, it's better to start out as one of the 'pure' classes (Fighter/Rogue/Scholar), build up the primary skills of that class, then start branching out into the skills of another class until it's cheaper to be one of the 'hybrid' classes (Adept/Scout/Templar), and then make the switch.

    If you want to be an Adept, the general recommendation in our chapter is to start as a Rogue, then when you've got some Backstabs and other skills under your belt, start getting spell slots until it's cheaper to switch to Adept.

    Spell slots have to be purchased individually in a pyramid-ish fashion and are per-day skills, but low-level slots are fairly cheap; Fighter and Rogue skills are gated behind Weapon Proficiencies and/or Backstabs, each of which requires a not-insignificant BP investment but grants static damage you can swing all day long.

    Which sounds more appealing is going to depend on you and you preferences, but remember that BP is earned quickly early on and then slows down significantly by about level 15-20, so buying high-cost skills early and saving cheaper skills for later will keep you feeling like you're making progress towards your goals and give you new toys to use when your BP gain slows down.

    Beginning as a Celestial Scholar, you'll tend to run out of spell slots very early on in the day unless you ration them meticulously, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but can make your first few games a bit on the boring side if you want to do a lot of combat or don't have a supply of Scrolls you can use; beginning as a Rogue will give you a Backstab and a cheap-ish weapon skill (and maybe also Florentine, if you want to wield two weapons), so you can swing for 4 from behind and contribute more to combat over the course of the whole event, but you'll be a bit delayed in learning any spells.
  3. Lemmonaid

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    That's good to know. Does the low slot-amount and running out of spells count for earth casters too?
  4. tieran

    tieran Duke Gettysburg Staff Marshal


    The spell slot purchasing is the same regardless of which school of magic you start with.

    You can also learn both, but the secondary school is twice the cost.
  5. Feldor

    Feldor Artisan

    You might also want to consider having a bow. It'll let you have lots more to throw, so that you can save your spells for times when they'll feel more effective. And bow gets extra damage from backstabs, though if you just want bow damage you are probably better off going fighter and getting profs.
  6. Draven

    Draven Count Seattle Staff Marshal

    Once 2.0 comes out, fluidclassing is going to be weird, particularly from weapon class to hybrid weapon/caster class.
  7. tieran

    tieran Duke Gettysburg Staff Marshal

    It’s going to be largely impossible without a large amount of pre-planning and/or willingness to hold off on purchasing per day martial/rogue skills.

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