MWE merchant?


So, I wanted to make a merchant and particularly like the MWE's. However I saw this in the rulebook:

"Mystic Wood elves tend to share their pos-
sessions with others who may need them, and
do not understand the preoccupation with
money that other races have.
As long as they
have enough to get by on and lots of friends,
they are happy

Is that just MWE's who are raised in MWE society, is this learned or...? I want to play a species correctly.


I play a MWE merchant and I love it. I sell drinks, food, and goods, along with merchanting items for people for a fee. I also give away a decent amount of food, drink and spend most of my money on healing potions. Last weekend I gave away as much in potions and drink as I made. And I made a pretty decent amount.

I like to joke that Bhaskara is the only merchant who doesn't care about making a profit, he's a merchant because he enjoys it and people kept asking if he was a merchant. It was easier to become one than keep apologizing for not being one.

The trick is, imo, to find a way to balance the MWE traits and the entrepreneurial drive of a merchant in a fulfilling way. Bhaskara is constantly looking for a new business scheme or "investment" (Most of his craftsman are his 'business investments'), usually one that fills a need in the community. It can be a lot of fun playing a merchant, it takes a bit of work keeping in entertaining for yourself if you're going full merchant/artisian, but if you find a way, you'll have a blast.


I would say that it depends on which chapter your MWE is going to be native to.


I was hoping to be a traveling merchant. Of course, where I start out at will probably be New Jersey.<3 I have an idea as to why my character would be striving/ has become a merchant. There is always a goal. I am just afraid that in doing so, playing the haggling merchant (or something of the like) would be playing the species wrong.

She is a business woman. =3
As long as you not greedy about money I think it is perfectly reasonable to play a MWE merchant


Having a craft (or eleven) that you enjoy doing and using to fund your IG projects isn't greedy. If you start charging everyone quadruple production after you put everyone else out of business goes a little far, but you'll find the lines your character will and won't cross after playing them for a few games.


I think I like the roleplaying aspect the most of it. I like bartering in the real world, along with making lots of crafts that would fit the in game world. So I thought.. oh my goodness! A merchant! It does not hurt that MWE's like learning and the like, right? Pursuing knowledge without going broke. That's a reasonable cuase, is it not?


"As long as they have enough to get by on and lots of friends, they are happy."

Being a merchant doesn't mean the pursuit of profit. You know the scene in The Music Man, when the Wells Fargo wagon shows up and the entire town loses their minds (in song form, no less)? Imagine how cool it would be to BE the Wells Fargo wagon driver, and have fifty people show up smiling in anticipation of their awesome stuff they bought from you. I have no problem justifying a MWE merchant character, as long as you look more toward the "valued and productive member of society" aspects of being an entrepreneur, rather than the "make as much money as possible" aspects.
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